Why to include flats in your PK Stash

Why to include flats in your PK Stash

I will never stop recommending flats to new cloth parents or parents who have not tried them. Flats are hands down the fastest drying, most absorbent, most versatile and longest fitting cloth diaper you will find on the market today. They are also the most economical. What more could you ask for really? Babies grow and they grow very fast. As a parent, one of the most seeked out things is items that last because nothing really lasts very long in terms of wearing time with a growing weed. A flat however, can be manipulated and tweaked to just make it fit at any weight or size - and it always does. 

Is folding hard? No. Remember when you were a kid and you were taught to fold those quacky things with paper to tell your fortune? After having done it three times... did you manage? Did you get better and better the more you made? Did your hands get faster and faster? Did the paper craft get neater and neater?. Folding and putting on a cloth nappy is honestly no different to this. It`s EXACTLY the same experience except this time, you're wrapping your little baby in cloth, diverting tons of waste to landfill and saving thousands of rands.  All with your hands!! 

So let`s chat about some other pro`s of this little simple, square of fabric (yes there is more):

Flats have the trimmest fit of all cloth nappies (in our humble opinion). This is because of the lack of elastics and buttons etc. The layered fabric hugs the curves of baby and honestly gives the most beautiful fit of all cloth diapers.

Flats can be used for day time and night time nappies. So what this means is you don't really have to buy any special night nappies if you don't want to or if you cant afford it. Just get a few more flats.When using them for night nappies you simply take two and fold them together as opposed to one. This is only used from about three months when baby is ready for one nappy all night long.

If you are on a budget or having twins, flats are the way to go. Mainly because twins are often born smaller and a small flat fits a small baby beautifully. Also economically, you need a lot more nappies for twins and flats work out a lot cheaper. They also dry the fastest and you usually wash daily for two babies. 

Flats are the one nappy that never go to waste long term, as they can be reused throughout the cloth lifetime. A fitted for example, once outgrown, can't be reused for the same baby - it must be sold or kept for baby number two. A flat though, can. Small or medium flats (once outgrown) can be folded and used as boosters in bigger day or night nappies. This means you don't have to buy as many bigger boosters later on. A large flat can still be used at four years old if you need something to catch one or two wees at night. Not many fitted style nappies will fit at this weight. They really do just go so far!

Flats take a couple of days of using them to understand how to get it on. A cloth nappy is quite different in application to a disposable nappy which is very thin and iffy. Cloth requires a bit more of what I call "handling" of baby, as the nappy needs to sit snug without any gaps or loose fabric. Once you have mastered this, it really is plain sailing and flats are often reached for over other types due to the beautiful fit and ease of use. Basically nothing can compare! Folding becomes a very satisfying part of your day. 

I urge you to look past what you may feel appears to be "difficult". Learning a small new skill that will save you thousands of rands and that you know will benefit you, your baby and the earth in the long run, is 100% totally worth your while. And at the end of the day that is what we are looking to achieve. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is and how rewarding it is. That is something I can guarantee! We have PK Guru`s situated around the country that are ready to lend a helping hand at any point should you ever need someone to help you. Simply get in touch. 

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