Find a Pokkelokkie Guru

Do you want to see and feel our nappies before making your purchase? Do you have some questions about our system? We have recruited our very own Pokkelokkie guru`s to help you. 

What is a PK Guru?

Our guru`s have extensive knowledge and experience about our nappy system.
Each guru is a Pokkelokkie loyal mum who we have recruited to help you start/help you (on) your cloth journey. She has used our nappies through the newborn stage and is currently using them on her baby/babies.

Three services are available

1. A free 60 minute appointment for parents who do not yet have nappies.

2. For parents who need support with their current stash, appointments are charged at R120 per hour to be paid, in cash, to the Guru on the meeting day.

3. Hire a guru (for free) to come and talk to a group (max 10) of interested parents at your house/ a venue. 

How does it work?
Find a guru in your area (see listings below).If there is no guru near you, we can also do a whatsapp video call. Contact us directly.
Contact her to make your appointment. 
Appointments are limited to 60 minutes.
The guru will show you our nappies and answer any questions you have in the hour (note Guru`s do not sell nappies).

You are asked to please do your research before your appointment. By this we mean going through the relevant parts of our website (under the Learn about our nappies section) to familiarize yourself with the basics first. This is crucial to maximize the use of the time you have together. Our Gurus are not able to teach you what you need to know from scratch. The purpose of the meeting is so you can see and feel our nappies in person and then discuss any questions you may have. Our website covers everything you need to know. Please take the time to read through it first. 

We hope this venture will help you gain confidence about using our system. Welcome to the PK family!!

Find your Guru

Cape Town
Shannon Lim Banda
+27 83 467 3432

Laurette Gliddon
Welcome Glen
+27 84 627 5564

Port Elizabeth
Victoria Honsbein
+27 64 537 3664

Venusha Moodley-Nirmal
+27 76 143 2959