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 Our mission

Our mission is to educate and encourage everyone to opt for reusables. Research has shown us that many people here in SA really have no idea about our modern day cloth nappies - that they even exist and that they are in fact now very easy to clean and wash. We have come very far from the days of Sterri nappy and soaking in buckets.

We want to infiltrate the market and disrupt the "norm" of single use plastics. We all know that they end up in the earth, cost A LOT of money that is wasted and are full of chemicals that cause rashes. This should not be the norm! It is a billion dollar industry.

We are looking for moms, dads, midwives, doula`s, doctors and/or small business that want to join us on our mission. By this we mean people who are true eco warriors - ones who understand the benefits of reusable nappies and who want to help others make the easy switch. We are people who care about the earth and their babies bums! 

Our brand ambassadors are mums who...
are having a baby/have a baby who genuinely want to use our reusables.
are passionate about reducing the use of single use plastics.
have a following on their Facebook or Instagram or Tiktok of over 2000.
are keen to share the joys of the cloth nappy experience on her platform a couple of times a month, through the use of the nappies. 

To find out more about what our exchange entails, please email us.

We cannot wait to work with you!