My baby crocodile rolls during nappy change time

This can make things quite challenging however know this - this stage does pass and there are some things you can do to keep baby entertained while you get the nappy on.

So this is what I have personally found to work.

A lot of babies get bored of playing with a plastic toy. Once baby is about ten months old: keep a box next to the nappy changing area of things he/she doesn`t normally come into contact with. These things must require some sort of intellectual challenge. The most important part is showing them repeatedly how to do the task (like opening and closing a lid) before attempting the change.

Do not resort to videos or a phone. This tactic does not end well in the long run. Trying then to stop the screen will be a fight and anything after that kind of visual stimulation will just be boring. What you want is a nappy change to end well with a smiling baby and happy mom. A screen does not result in this.

Here are some things that have worked for us. 

  • A toothpaste flip lid (baby must open and close)
  • A plastic bottle and screw top lid (baby must learn to screw the lid on and off)
  • A bum cream flip lid - pass them the bum cream.
  • An empty syringe (baby must put it back together and pull it apart, repeat)
  • A toothbrush (take turns to "brush teeth"). An electric toothbrush wins every time.
  • A hairbrush (take turns to brush hair),
  • A baby book (that squeaks) - anything that makes a noise is a winner
  • A long rope or piece of wool
  • A pair of plastic tweezers - open and close.
  • Apply a small dot of bum cream on to baby's finger.
  • Clothes pegs - open and close, peg baby's t shirt, moms t shirt (baby must learn how to open and close)
  • Empty pens and lids- put the lid on and off

Once babies reach ten months they are generally capable of the things above. There are tons of the above things in a household that baby can figure out. Just look around you.

In addition to the above

  • Sing a fun song
  • Tickle baby
  • Hide below the table/bed/ a book/ your hands and jump up and peek a boo
  • Play "round and round the garden" on baby`s tummy or hand
  • Do "this little piggy went to the market"
  • Make ridiculous sounds with your lips and blow on baby`s tummy.
  • Be totally silly.  Babies love silly moms :)

This really was a game changer for me as my second baby was a crocodile roller and I realized I wasn`t actually paying him the attention he needed at nappy time as I was busy worrying about what was for dinner.. etc and trying to make him sit still.

Enjoy mamma!!

No one said this was going to be easy and remember this does pass.... then they will be pulling up their own underpants.