Sending cloth nappies to school

The Snappit Pro nappy system is easy for school (video here) . Send a wetbag for dirty nappies. If the school is hesitant, we suggest taking your nappies and giving them a live demo on baby. Let them put a nappy on with you. Once they see how easy it really is they will be much more open to give it a go. Be sure to remind them it`s less waste for them. Nappies do not smell when sealed up in a wetbag. Disposable nappies smell due to the chemicals thats is why they need sealing up.

The Snappit Pro

This system is easy enough for anyone.

The recommendation is to send the nappies ready to put on. Send enough plus one spare.

Carers can fold up the dirty nappy in the cover and place in a wet bag. Nappies are cleaned at home. 


Flats folded and put on around baby are always first class prize. Snug fit = no leaks. If carers are not keen to fold and put on there is this other option that works well provided it is boosted properly:

Padfold a flat and lay it in the Superwrap cover. Add a Pokkelokkie booster or two on top. This adds extra layers as sometimes school does not change the nappy as soon as you would at home. Add a fleece liner. See below.

The nappies can be sent already prepped for carers.

What to do with the poop ?
Tell teachers to fold the fleece liner in half which then keeps the poop contained. Fold the cover up like an envelope and pop it in the wetbag. So the nappy should pretty much look how it looked when it left in the morning - all folded up. Poop can be cleaned at home as per usual.