Storing dirty cloth nappies

How to store dirty nappies

Store in a laundry basket with holes. Nappies need to breathe and not ever be closed up in a sealed bin. Keep in a well ventilated area. A bathroom is a good place or even outside on a deck or in a courtyard (get one with a flip lid). Weather is no issue for the nappies.

Never soak nappies in water/chemicals/Sterri nappy/Milton/stain removers, anything ever. This will damage the nappies.

Nappies can be stored for two - three days. 

Store dirty cloth nappies in a basket that has holes
Pee nappies:

Day nappies: Throw wet, in the laundry bin. No need to rinse and dry first.

Night nappies (once baby is wearing one all night or if one is on for more than 4/5 hours), must be rinsed well, immediately off the bum in the morning in warm tap water before storing/washing. If not, this can lead to ammonia build up, which leads to stink issues. Watch our rinsing video

Poop nappies:

Newborn poop can be rinsed off under the tap then stored in the bin as is. Poop (once baby is eating solids/formula) needs to be discarded in the toilet. Do not leave dirty nappies longer than three or four days in the bin - mould can be an issue.

Your bin should never smell. If it does, the wash routine is not right. Have a look here.

Watch our video 
Going out

Wrap the nappy up and store in our wetbag until you get home. Clean at home.

Dad changing a Pokkelokkie cloth nappy