Storing dirty cloth nappies

How to store dirty nappies

A basket of dirty cloth nappies does not smell provided you follow the below. Believe or not, dirty disposable nappies are the stinky culprits.

Store in a shallow laundry basket with holes. Nappies need to breathe and not ever be closed up in a sealed bin. Keep in a well ventilated area. A bathroom is a good place or even outside on a deck or in a courtyard (get one with a flip lid). Weather is no issue for the nappies.

Never soak nappies in water/chemicals/Sterri nappy/Milton/stain removers, anything ever. This will damage the nappies.

Nappies can be stored for two - three days. 

Store dirty cloth nappies in a basket that has holes

At home

Pee nappies

Day nappies: Throw as is, in the laundry bin. No need to rinse and dry first. A rinse is a personal choice. 

Night nappies (once baby is wearing one all night from 6kg), must be rinsed well, off the bum in the morning in warm tap water before storing/washing. Watch our rinsing video. We recommend pre-washing these night nappies the day they come off the bum.  See our washing page for details.

Poop nappies

Newborn poop is rinsed off under the tap then stored in the bin. Tip: if the nappies have yellow marks on after washing, hang in the sun this really works. 

Once baby is on solids/formula, spray nappy off in the toilet. Reusable fleece liners and a bidet sprayer is the easiest method. You can also opt for disposable liners.

Avoid leaving dirty nappies longer than three or four days in the bin - mould can be an issue.

Your bin/nappies should never smell. If it does, it just means the wash routine is not right and is easily fixed. Solving stinks here.

Going out

Wrap the nappy up and store in our wetbag until you get home. Clean at home.

Dad changing a Pokkelokkie cloth nappy

How to wash here.

Happy parents sharing their cloth nappy joy