My cloth nappies are leaking

Leaking is easily fixed, provided the waterproofing of the cover is not damaged. See checklist below to identify the issue.


1. Dawn patrol mini has two inserts (even three) from three/four weeks old.
2. One flat can take up to three boosters. Add another booster.
3. No nappy sticking out of the cover.
4. Cover and nappy are on snug- no gaps around the legs or waist.
5. No clothes tucked into nappy or cover.
6. Siesta night nappies- long insert is folded in three. Inserts are pulled a bit forward for boys and directly under his bits. Add a booster or two if no dry patches. You will have to boost during winter. A padfolded flat can also be used in the cover for heavier wetters. See boosting on the night nappy page.
7. Flats - using two, not one, for a night stretch of 6 - 12 hours. Add a booster if very saturated. 
8. No baby grows over the crotch of fleece covers.
9. Nappies must be washed once before use.
10. Snappit diapers/flats/fitteds can have up to three boosters for heavier wetters.

A note on covers leaking
A cover itself does not leak, unless it has been washed higher than 30`C which causes damage to the waterproofing. The nappy is the foundation of the system and determines whether or not leaks occur. If leaking is an issue, then the nappy does not have enough absorbency and extra layers are need to be added to distribute the wetness.

Please email us if you are having problems so we can help.