Night nappies 6kg+

Flats from 6kg+

Flats are excellent night time nappies once baby has stopped pooping at night. They are the fastest drying cloth nappy and especially good through cold wet winters. They are also the most budget friendly and will last forever! Don`t be fooled by folding being work. It`s very easy and you get very good at it very quickly.

How to use them?

Two medium or large flats are folded together (video here) and the OSFM waterproof cover goes over it. One flat with boosters is just not sufficient for more than 4 hours. When used all night, only size medium or large are suitable from 6kg+.

What it looks like. Note the waterproof cover goes over this.

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Siesta night nappies 6kg+

These are night nappies are only from 6kg (usually 10 - 12 weeks old but can differ), once baby has stopped pooping at night. It is worn all night.
Must be used with OSFM Superwrap cover, not newborn or Snappit Pro covers.

How to use them?

Fold the long insert into three (not two). The liner sits closest to the skin to keep baby dry. Place the Waterproof cover over. No nappy must stick out. 

For boys, position the inserts a bit more forward in the nappy shell and point his bits vertically down with the back of your hand,so he wees directly into the inserts. 

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From about three months, night nappies soak up an entire nights output. Expect a damp nappy in the morning (all layers will be soaked through) however if it is soaking wet (with no dry patches), add another one to three boosters in the cover.

For the Siesta, place a small padfolded flat between the cover and the nappy like this. 

Tummy sleepers
If the front of the nappy is very wet/leaking, add a booster lengthways at the top of the night nappy (see below) to give extra layers upfront.
How to soften nappies

Due to no fabric softener, nappies can get stiffer.
Scrunch it up and rub the nappy against itself for a few minutes. The friction results in a softer fabric. This really works and is the fastest.
Or pop them (already dry) in the tumble drier on LOW for ten minutes.

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