About us

Hi. My name is Kerryn. I am a mom, wife, eco warrior and small business owner. I love my children, my greatest accomplishments.

I started making cloth nappies for my first baby, as the thought of throwing a single use plastic in a black bag where it will stay for over 500 years just did not sit well with me, at all. My mum taught me how to sew when I was six years old. I would never have dreamed such a small skill would be such a big influence in my life today. Five years ago, I was sat sewing a nappy (8 months pregnant), wandering if I was making the right decision about this cloth nappy business idea and a very beautiful and unusual looking feather floated in through the tiniest gap in my window. It landed on the very nappy I was sewing. This was the sign. Could it have been my mum?

I have a passion for creating things. I also have a passion for reusing and recycling. Pokkelokkie cloth nappies is not just a brand that sells cloth nappies. We aim to educate and provide ideas on how we can live more sustainably. We don’t all need to grow a huge veggie garden and live off solar, however we can do little things everyday that will make a huge impact if we all do them together. Opting for cloth nappies is definitely one of the biggest contributions we can make as parents today.

We focus solely on the making of fully absorbent nappies because they work. They are affordable, long lasting, trim, stretchy, beautiful, thirsty and easy. I tried all sorts of types of cloth nappies and none have come close to what we make. We offer only the best quality fabrics.

This is our team.


Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about cloth. I`m here to help and support you.

Yours in cloth,