Our materials

We aim to use the highest quality materials that are designed to be soft, fast drying, durable and comfortable on baby's skin as well as gentle on the planet.

Over the last seven years we have been on quite a fabric journey, educating ourselves on the different types of yarns we can use for our cloth nappies, their pros and their cons . We are proud to say our fabric is knitted exclusively for us. We are not perfect though. We are working towards less waste. This is the main aim. It is important for us to be as transparent as possible about what are products of made of, where they are from and how to reuse or responsibly dispose of them when they finally do reach the end of their life. 

Our fabrics

Siesta night nappies: 100% cotton, knitted locally. 

Fleece liners: 100% polyester. Allows moisture to pass through without absorption, creating a stay dry layer keeping baby dry and comfortable.

Dawn patrol fitteds, flats, boosters, Snappit Pro inserts, Nursing pads: a locally knitted cotton blend. Front face 100% cotton. Back face 60% cotton, 30% polyester. Our tried and tested fibre provides the perfect stretch, fast drying time and unmatched durability. Nappies are heavily washed items. 

Superwraps: Breathable softshell with a 100% waterproof layer sandwiched between. Edged in a fleece binding.

Wipeys: 100% cotton terri.

Thread: Polyester to ensure longevity and prevents leaking.

We have worked hard and been through years of testing. We never stop testing. Our products are locally crafted, durable and comfortable. Made with love. Our nappies can be used through many children, then resold or donated for more reusability.

We hope your cloth nappy journey with us will be successful, rewarding and leak free! We will support you every step of the way.