Fitted nappies


Pokkelokkie offers two fitted types. A day fitted and a night fitted.

How to get the best fit:

Fitted nappies do not need to be so tight that deep red elastic marks occur. Run your fingers around the bum casing from back to front once on. It should be nice and comfy, not tight. The wings in the front will slowly grow furthur and furthur apart as the baby gets bigger. Do not try to always get the wings to meet in the middle- this will make the nappy too tight.

Dawn patrol day fitteds
Day nappies only after three months.
Newborn- can be used at night for three hour stretches. May need one booster in the cover for nights. 
Always use both inserts in the nappy.
Always keep the velcro tabs closed. Only open them when the nappy is about to be closed. Never wash with the tabs open.
Require a fleece or waterproof cover.
Videos here.

How to lay the inserts:

Small fitteds (3 - 67/kg):
Add a third booster if the nappy is 100% saturated or leaks.

Medium and large fitteds:
Longer one under the smaller one. Lay the fleece liner on top.

Boosting the day fitteds:
If the nappy is totally saturated, add a booster between the nappy and the cover like this:
Sleepy dust hemp fitted night nappies

Small: use day or night for newborns.
Medium and large: night nappies only. Not suitable for day use.
Always use fleece covers or fleece longies over night nappies.
Never tuck clothes into a cover/longies/nappy.
Videos here.

How to lay the inserts:

Small fitteds (birth - 6/7kg)
Newborns must be changed (until about three or four months old) through the night, as nappies get saturated quickly at this age.
Use both inserts.
Always place the fleece liner closest to the bum.
The small fitted is not designed to cope with an entire night`s output. Once baby stops pooping at night and it`s time to move a size up, the medium night fitted is designed for the whole night.


Medium and large fitteds:

The smaller booster can be laid at the bottom or on top, under the fleece liner. Fold the long snake insert into three if the nappy is very wet with no dry patches, in the morning.

How wet is too wet?

From about three months, night nappies soak up an entire nights output. Expect a very damp nappy in the morning however if it is soaking wet (with no dry patches) and the fleece cover feels damp, add another booster/small padfolded flat between the cover and the nappy that is on like this:

Night nappies are bulkier as the extra layers are needed to last the duration. Adjust your mental expectation to night cloth. Bigger bums are cuter bums.
Tummy sleepers
Add a booster length ways at the top of the night nappy (see the grey booster in the image below) to give extra layers upfront, if the front of the nappy is very wet and the cover feels damp in the morning.
How to soften hemp nappies

Due to no fabric softner, nappies can get stiffer.
Scrunch it up and rub the nappy against itself for a few minutes. The friction results in a softer fabric.
Pop them (already dry) in the tumble drier on LOW for ten minutes.
Give them a hot iron if you do not have a drier.

How to work with snappies

Once your nappy is on, place the snappy on top, lining it up with baby's hip. Push down (do not try and make this side grip onto anything) and keep holding with your thumb, then pull the other side across and let it grip the fabric.
Make sure to pull it firmly so it stretches. It requires tension to work.
Then pull the bottom one down and place pressure on it and it will grip the fabric.