Fitted cloth nappies

The Dawn patrol mini fitted

Birth - 6/7kg. Usually 3 - 4 months, baby depending.
Watch the video.
Used day and night for two to four hour stretches. Babies are changed in the night until around 10 weeks old.
It needs one / two extra boosters in the cover from three/four weeks old when nappies start to get wetter. It comes with one.
You can add a fleece liner closest to the skin to keep baby dry if baby's skin is sensitive to a wet nappy.
The cover has to be used at all times. Covers are rotated through the day. Usually three covers a day. Then wash.

Three/Four months / 6kg+

Move to the final stage of your cloth diapering journey. Use flats OR the Snappit Pro  diaper system and Siesta night nappies . These nappies will be used until potty training. 

Happy parents sharing their cloth nappy joy