Fitted cloth nappies

The mini Dawn patrol fitted

Newborn - 6/7kg
The mini fitted can be used day and night for two to four hour stretches.
It needs one/two extra boosters in the cover from three/four weeks old when nappies start to get wetter. It comes with one. 

How to boost: Lay a second or third booster in the cover, see above.
This nappy is not designed to do a whole nights stretch. If your baby sleeps for longer than four to five hours the nappy must have another one to two boosters in the cover as per the below image.
The cover has to be used at ALL times.

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Three months/6kg+
We recommend moving to the Snappit Pro diaper system or flats
Siesta night nappies

These are night nappies only from 6kg (usually 10 - 12 weeks old), once baby has stopped pooping at night.
The smaller booster is laid at the bottom. Fold the long snake insert into three. Fleece liner closest to the bum. The liner must be used. This keeps baby dry.
For boys, position the inserts a bit more forward in the nappy shell and point his bits vertically down so he wees directly into the inserts. 
Add up to three extra boosters in the shell for heavier wetters.
Must be used with OSFM Superwrap cover (6kg+) (not newborn or Snappit Pro covers).

How to get the best fit:

Fitted nappies do not need to be super tight. Run your fingers around the bum casing from back to front once on. It should be nice and comfortable for baby.
A bigger bum at night is very normal. Adjust your mental expectation. The layers are needed to complete a twelve hour shift. It is not uncomfortable.

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From about three months, night nappies soak up an entire nights output. Expect a damp nappy in the morning (all layers will be soaked through) however if it is soaking wet (with no dry patches), add another one to three boosters in the cover or if very wet, place a small padfolded flat between the cover and the nappy like this. This is a easy solution that works very well.

Tummy sleepers
If the front of the nappy is very wet/leaking, add a booster lengthways at the top of the night nappy (see below) to give extra layers upfront.
How to soften nappies

Due to no fabric softener, nappies can get stiffer.
Scrunch it up and rub the nappy against itself for a few minutes. The friction results in a softer fabric. This really works an dis the fastest.
Or pop them (already dry) in the tumble drier on LOW for ten minutes.

Email us for any help.