My baby has a rash

Babies do get rashes from time to time but cloth nappies are usually not the cause. If there is a rash, check below to see the cause and find the solution.

Wet nappy rash

Wetness rashes can occur if the nappy is too wet. It is usually a light pink, blotchy looking rash that appears only on the areas where the nappy touches (not between the bum cheeks).

How wet is too wet?

Is the entire nappy saturated? No dry patches? This is often an indication that the nappy needs more layers to distribute the wetness and is likely the cause of the red rash. A damp nappy should feel like a wrung out face cloth. Not soaking wet.

A wetness rash can often start from a night nappy that is just far too wet. The rash is then aggravated during the day. Newborn to three months (6kg), babies are changed through the night. The Dawn patrol fitted nappies cannot be used for one night stretch. Only Siesta night nappies or two medium or large flats folded together can be used for the entire night, once baby is old enough, usually 10 - 12 weeks old.


1.Boosting day nappies

Add a Pokkelokkie booster to the nappies. If using flats or Dawn patrol fitteds or Snappit Pro nappies, use a booster within the nappy and/or lay one between nappy and cover. You may need two boosters during certain stages, especially in Winter.

2.Boosting night nappies

Boost with one to two Pokkelokkie boosters (do not use pocket inserts) as above, in the cover. Or use a padfolded flat in the nappy cover for heavy wetters. This works very well. 

Always use a fleece liner which creates a stay dry effect on the bum. This will only work if the nappy has enough absorption to cope, otherwise the wetness will seep through. 

(Dry) Maizena powder rubbed on the bum is a wonderful solution and works very well and is cloth safe. Place a changing mat under baby to prevent mess.

Wet wipe rash

Store bought wet wipes are often full of nasties regardless of how "pure" they claim to be. No wipe can remain wet in a plastic bag without the aid of some chems. This rash mirrors the bum wipe- between the cheeks. It`s red and raw looking. 

Switch to the Wipey reusable cloth wipe/ face cloths. The rash will go away within a day. 

Wet elastic rash/welts/red lines

This rash appears as red like welts where the elastics of the cover sit, usually inner thighs.

This means the nappy is not coping (is far too wet) and needs more absorption. 

Boost the nappy.
Opt for our fleece bound Superwraps which are designed to prevent this happening.
We recommend staying away from a PUL cover for night time.
Do not use pockets or AIO at night.Use a Siesta fitted and Superwrap cover.


    Thrush (not nappy related)

    This rash is bright red and consists of small, red like spots between bum cheeks and around private areas. It is very persistent and does not go away. It is very common in babies under a year old. Easily treated. Please consult a chemist/nurse to get treatment.

    Stop using cloth nappies, strip them and wait for the thrush to clear before moving back to cloth. Flats can be used through thrush IF properly hot ironed before every use. Spores of thrush hang onto cloth nappy fibres and if continued, will reinfect.

    Teething rash (not nappy related)


    Keep nappies as dry as possible. Change regularly and add extra boosters until the rash gets better. It does pass. Use fleece liners to protect the nappy is using creams. (Dry) maizena powder rubbed on the bum is a wonderful solution, works very well and is cloth safe. The powder dries it out. Place a changing mat under baby to prevent mess.