After newborn cloth nappies 6kg+

What nappies?

Flats and waterproof covers are very economical (video here). You can use them for both day and night time.

Or use The Snappit Pro (video here) nappy day time and the Siesta fitted  (video here) for night time.

Get what appeals to you and what budget allows. The options are there so you can choose. 

Learn more about using the nappies

FLATS here.

THE SNAPPIT PRO nappy here.


How many nappies?

Full time (little to no disposables)
Single baby : 26 - 28 nappies.
Twins: 30 - 40 nappies. Wash daily.

Part time (use disposables with your cloth nappies)
Single baby: 10 - 15 nappies
Twins: 20 - 26 nappies. Wash daily.

A summary of what you need 

1. Your set of cloth nappies, boosters, fleece liners and covers. 
2. A wetbag for outings.
3. A laundry mesh bag to wash your covers in.
4. Kiki vest extenders .
5. A plastic wash basket (see storing page).
6. Cloth wipes to clean baby.


We offer full support via email or Whatsapp to not only help you with what to get but also when your baby arrives, to make sure you get going. Your success is our priority!

Reach out if you get stuck!

Happy parents sharing their cloth nappy joy