After newborn cloth nappies

How many?

Full time
Snappit Pro system
Single baby
21 Snappit Pro nappies.
4 - 6 Siesta night nappies, 4 - 6 OSFM Superwrap covers for the night nappies.

36 - 40 nappies.
30 Snappit Pro nappies.
4 - 6 Siesta night nappies, 4 - 6 OSFM Superwrap covers for the night nappies.

Part time (use in conjunction with alternate nappies)
Single baby
10 - 16 Snappit Pro nappies.
1 - 2 Siesta night nappies, 1 - 2 OSFM Superwrap covers for the night nappies.

21 Snappit Pro nappies.
2 - 4 Siesta night nappies, 2 - 4 OSFM Superwrap covers for the night nappies.

What nappies?

First time cloth users we suggest the Snappit Pro nappy day time and the Siesta fitted for night time.
If on a tight budget, flats and Superwrap covers really are fantastic. You can use flats for both day and night time. Get a part time or full set here.

A summary of what you need 

1. Your set of cloth nappies, boosters, fleece liners and covers.
2. A wetbag for outings.
3. A laundry mesh bag to wash your covers in.
4. Kiki vest extenders .
5. A plastic wash basket (see storing page).
6. Cloth wipes to clean baby.

How often do I change a nappy?

Day time - every three to three and a half (max) hours. Poop nappy change immediately.
Night time - one night nappy will suffice the ten to twelve hour stretch, if baby has stopped pooping at night.

Can covers be reused?

Snappit Pro covers can be used twice.
Superwrap covers over flats can be used twice day time.
Superwrap nappy covers over a night nappy only once.

How wet do cloth nappies get?

After a few wees the nappy will be visibly wet but not so wet that it needs to be changed. A cloth nappy can hold enough wees for a three hour period before being changed. Most of the nappy/boosters will be saturated with a smallish dry patch. The layers will be soaked through. As long as there is no leaking (wet clothes) the nappy is doing it`s job. Wetness does not bother baby. The liner keeps the skin dry. See below what to expect after three hours of wear. 

The Snappit Pro system is recommended for first time parents or parents upsizing from the newborn stage.
Flats are fast drying nappies and great for those on a budget.They fit for ages and can be used day and night.
Night time solution options

The Siesta night fitted (easiest) and the cover.
Two flats folded together and cover. See our night folding video.

Cleaning poop

Read our blog post. Visit the cleaning page.

Reusable cloth wipes

Avoid store bought wet wipes.They almost always contain nasty chemicals, often cause a rash and do not clean very effectively. The Wipey reusables are easy and effective. Get at least thirty five.

How to use?

Keep a water bottle at your changing station to wet the wipes. Or wet all your Wipeys in one go, store in a container and use them for the day then wash.

Bum cream

Generally no bum cream is needed with cloth nappies. Cloth does not cause rashes unless baby is sensitive to wetness. In this case use boost the nappy and add a fleece liner. Use cloth safe bum cream or coconut oil if desired. Avoid zinc based products as they clog the nappy pores. Use a fleece liner if these creams are needed (sometimes during teething). 

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