The Snappit nappy system

This is a snap in system designed for babies over the age of three months. Day time only. Great for school use, Grannies, carers or just every day use. Night time babies must use a Siesta night fitted plus the waterproof cover.

Newborns - must use flats and/or Dawn patrol fitteds plus a Superwrap cover. 

How does it work?

A Snappit insert is snapped into the waterproof cover. A fleece liner is used to catch solids.
The cover can be reused two or three times then stored for washing. A fresh insert and liner is then snapped in at each change.
We suggest airdrying the used cover on a window and using a fresh one. Rotate at the next change.
Usually three to four covers will be used in one day.

A note for school use- we suggest sending what you need for the day example 4 covers with the 4 inserts snapped in as air dying covers in this environment is often not suitable.

Watch our video here.

How many do you need?

Recommendation = 2/3 inserts per cover.
Full time- 24 inserts, 8 covers.
Part time- 15 inserts, 6 covers.

The perfect fit

The cover must be snapped up on the front (before you put it on) properly to accommodate baby`s size. If the cover is too loose, leg gaps will cause leaking and a bulky fit. Note the cover will fit much tighter when used with the insert compared to if used with a nappy like a flat or fitted beneath. It will probably also have to be snapped up one setting smaller when using this system.  The insert must sit up close and this can only be achieved by adjusting the buttons on the cover. The cover must not move around. This will make or break the success of the nappy.

Run your fingers from back to front along the inside of the leg casings which will bring the cover forward and create a comfy fit.

Watch our instructional video

Trouble shooting issues

Bunching at the back

This is caused by

1. Not pulling the cover down low enough at the back when first putting it on. It must sit as low as is possible, just above the bum.

2. Not running your fingers along the inside casings to make sure the cover is brought forward a bit.

3. The cover is too loose. Snap up buttons on the front to put it on the smaller setting and do step 1 and 2 above.


If the nappy is 90 - 100% saturated and/or leaking before three hours, add a booster in the flaps or under the insert in the cover like this. Up to three Pokkelokkie boosters can be added.

Velcro flap turning inwards
The cover is on far too loose. Adjust the velcro tabs to meet closer in the middle. 
How to soften inserts after washing
Scrunch the insert up and rub it against itself for a minute like this.

The Snappit inserts must be washed once before use. The insert will shrink up to 10%.
Visit our storing and washing pages.

Please reach out to us. We will help you with anything and make sure you get it right. Our whatsapp support line is 0787052797.