The Snappit Pro cloth nappy system 6kg+

This is an easy, fun snap in system designed for babies over the age of three months / 6kg. Fits to potty learning. Not suitable for newborns.
Day time nappy. Can be used at night for light wetters and day trained toddlers.
The Snappit Pro cover cannot be used over flats or fitted type nappies.

How does it work?

The cover can be used once or twice with a fresh insert each time, then stored for washing. If baby has not started solids, add a few more covers as poop can get onto the inside of the cover before it gets more solid.
The cover is adjustable with buttons that can be snapped up to fit at 5/6kg then opened as baby grows.

How many do I need for day time?

Full time: 21 inserts, 21 fleece liners, 14  - 15 covers.
Part time: 6 - 10 inserts, 6 - 10 fleece liners, 6 - 8 covers.

Which set do I get?

If you are new to cloth nappies and want to start small, this set is for you.  Bigger sets here.

Tip - the more nappies you have, the easier it is to use and wash them. 

Tips for a good fit

The crease at the snaps must be flapped over so your fingers push upwards not downwards. This video shows you how to do this. 

The cover must not move around. Nice and snug.
Adjust the velrco tabs to a comfy position - looser for sitting babies.
Push the fleece binding into the panty line to achieve a trim fit.
Pull the fleece binding on the tummy flap out all the way along, see image below. This is key especially for sitting babies.

Fit video for babies around 6kg


If the nappy leaks before three hours, add another booster under the insert, see image below. Make sure however that it is not a fit issue (gap between leg and cover) resulting in the leak. A nappy will leak due to an absorbency problem only after two - three hours not after 30 minutes. If it leaks shortly after its on this tells you there is more than likely a gap somewhere.

How to check?
When baby is lying down lift a leg up to check for gaps.
If the leak happens within an hour/when sleeping on a side, there is probably just a gap.
Close the gap by pushing the nappy into the panty line.
Boys - physically point the boys bits vertically downs with the back of your hand when putting it on.

Lay a booster in a cover to add more absorbency to cloth nappies


Please reach out to us. We will help you with anything and make sure you get it right. Our whatsapp support line is 0787052797.
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Happy parents sharing their cloth nappy joy