The Snappit Pro cloth nappy system

Snappit Pro cloth nappy components

This is a snap in system designed for babies over the age of three months / 5kg. Day time only. Night time babies must use a Siesta night fitted plus the waterproof cover. This is an extremely easy system that can be used by anyone - carers, Dads and schools especially.

This system is not suitable for newborns/babies under 5/6kg.

The Snappit Pro cover is only designed to be used with the Snappit Pro insert only and cannot be used over other types of nappies.

How does it work?
Snappit Pro cloth nappy components

An absorbent insert is snapped into the waterproof cover.
A reusable fleece liner is used to catch solids, closest to the skin. This must be added for ease of cleaning. You can opt to use a disposable liner.
A booster is added under the insert for extra absorbency (recommended).
The cover can be used twice with a fresh insert each time, then stored for washing. If baby has not started solids, add a few more covers as poop can get onto the inside of the cover before it gets more solid. 
The cover is adjustable with buttons that can be snapped up to fit at 5/6kg then opened as baby grows.
Watch the video.

How many do you need for day time?

Full time: 21 inserts, 21 fleece liners, 12 - 15 covers.
Part time: 6 - 10 inserts,6 - 10 fleece liners, 6 - 8 covers.

The perfect fit

The cover must be snapped up on the front (before you put it on) properly to accommodate baby`s size. If the cover is too loose, leg gaps will appear, especially when sitting.
The crease at the snaps must be flapped over so your fingers push upwards not downwards. This video shows you how to do this. 

The correct way to fit a Snappit Pro cloth nappy

The Snappit cover will fit much snugger compared to if you are used to using flats or fitteds. It will have to be snapped up one setting smaller when using this system.
The insert must sit up close and this can only be achieved by adjusting the buttons on the cover. The cover must not move around.
Push the fleece binding into the panty line to achieve a trim fit.

Snap setting
6kg – 10kg both sets of snaps fastened. Velcro tabs will overlap or meet.
11/12kg – 15kg one set fastened. Velcro tabs will meet in the middle.
16kg+ usually all snaps are open.

The image below is the perfect fit. Make sure the fleece binding is peeking out from under the wing tabs all the way along the tummy. This is KEY!

The correct way to fit a Snappit Pro cloth nappy
The crease at the snaps must be the correct way around watch this video.

Fit video for babies around 6kg

Fit video for babies around 10/12kg here.


If the nappy leaks before three hours, add another booster under the insert like this.

Lay a booster in a cover to add more absorbency to cloth nappies
Wing drop
This happens when the cover is too loose. Do up a row of snaps.
When you put it on, dig your fingers under the velcro tab wing and pull the tummy flap up so the top fleece binding of the this flap peeks out. This prevents any dropping of the wings. 
Please reach out to us. We will help you with anything and make sure you get it right. Our whatsapp support line is 0787052797.
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