Fleece liners

Fleece liners

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  • Fleece liners are used in the wetzone, next to baby`s skin.
  • Fleece acts as a stay dry layer. Fleece does not absorb but rather passes liquid through it onto the nappy below ,keeping baby`s bum dry. Especially useful at night when wetness can cause a red rash.
  • Use fleece liners to protect the cloth nappy when needing to use bum creams that are not cloth friendly.
  • These are what you need to catch poop! It makes cleaning poop nappies SO much easier. Just hold the liner over the loo and the poop comes off using a diaper sprayer or a flush of the loo.
  • Wash together with your nappies.


Size 1:  Newborn - 3 months

Size 2: 3 months - potty training

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