• Flats are truly wonderful little creations.
  • They work and they work WELL.
  • They dry the fastest - you NEED fast drying nappies!
  • They have the largest surface area for absorption so can hold, A LOT.
  • They are the trimmest cloth nappy.
  • Folding a flat takes under 10 seconds. 
  • IT IS NOT time consuming or difficult - the reliability, durability, trimness and overall leak free result is worth the 10 seconds.
  • This "old school" folding thang is the business!
    How to get the best fit with the origami fold:
    • Position the back of the flat at the top of baby`s bum. Pull it down as low as it can go without revealing baby`s bum. The flat must sit below the belly button.If there is not enough fabric in the front this means the flat is not low enough at the back. Pull it down at the back.

    • Pinch the flat at the base of the bum once baby is on the flat, see below.

    • Pull the wings (the 2 bits that stick out on the left and right that you will bring over baby) up firmly to the shoulders. Use the stretch of the hemp to get a good snug fit. This pulls the bum part up and gives a good fit.

    • Fasten with the snappy by holding it down on one side and pulling it across and then down. The snappy will grip the fabric.

    • No leg gaps. It must be snug all the way around the legs and bum. Jelly roll the sides in as much as you can so the fabric sits snug around the panty line. See below:

    Watch our video


    How to make a small or medium or  large flat fit a smaller baby:

    This trick works well for newborns using medium (60 x 60cm)  flats and then can be used again around 5.5/6kg when moving up to large flats.



    My flat is getting too small in origami fold: 
    • Use the origami hack to make the flat bigger at 4.5kg and 13kg.


    Best folds:
    • My firm favorite is the Origami fold  for boys and girls until it stops fitting then use the origami hack or change to Jo or diaper bag fold.
    • See our videos page to watch how to fold.
    • Small flats (50 x 50cm) can fit to 6.5kg - simply change from origami fold to diaper bag around 5.5kg and add a booster.
    • None of the other folds contain poop as well as origami and they also need to be boosted with a hemp or cotton fleece booster. 
    Don`t want to fold?

    Here is a quick solution for some who are dead against folding although I highly recommend the folding. It gives the most bombproof solution and contains poop better. It`s also a lot of fun.Try it. 

    How to boost (add more layers) your flats:
    Day time nappies:
    Add a hemp booster if the nappy leaks before 2 hours. See the picture below. If you need to use 2 boosters, lay one inside the nappy then one between nappy that is on and cover to reduce bulk. 


     Night nappies:

    If using 2 hemp flats for nights and it does not make it to the next morning, lay a hemp booster between the 2 flats that are on and the cover (only if the flats are soaking in the morning) . This is quite rare but is needed if dealing with a heavy wetter. See pic below:

    • Add a booster in the flaps of a prefold. See our video.
    • Add a booster between the hemp fitted and the cover that is on, as in the picture above.
    Night time folding:

    There are various folding options you can try for nights. 

    I recommend trying:

    • 2 flats folded together as 1 in origami.
    • For very heavy wetters: A hemp booster can be added to either combo above- lay it BETWEEN the nappy that is on and the cover to reduce bulk.
    • See our night folding video here.
    PUL covers over flats:
    • The cover does not have to be tight. Make sure you can get a finger comfortably in the elastics.The cover acts as a barrier. It is not suppose to be so tight that deep red elastic marks occur. 
    • Normal elastic marks look like this:

    • As long as no nappy is sticking out the cover and the nappy is absorbent enough to cope with output, there won`t be any leaks. 
    • The cover does not leak...it is the nappy that leaks.
    • Avoid PUL covers on babies over 6 months old with chunky thighs at night. Bigger thighs and a tight ,wet PUL cover can lead to red welts caused by wet elastics at night. See here if you need help.
    Hemp flats do not remain square:

    Hemp distorts a bit and stretches/shrinks due to the nature of the fabric.This should not affect function. See below how to work with it.


      • Fold the flat in half and start with the more "rectangle" shape when folding in Origami. See the video below:


     I also suggest trying the origami hack which extends the rise of the flat if it feels too small as a result of stretching. See below for ANY size flat.