New to cloth nappies? Start here!

Mother holding a baby in Pokkelokkie cloth nappy
Newborn cloth

Newborns must use nappies where the fabric wraps around their bums and hips - flats and/or Dawn patrol fitted style nappies plus the Superwrap cover. Avoid nappies that have only an absorbent inner like a AIO or pocket style. This style struggles to cope for this stage.

IMage showing a flat cloth diaper and a fitted cloth diaper
Three/four months onwards

Starting cloth at any point is a great idea. It is never too late. The Snappit Pro system is easy to use for anyone. The other option is large flats. Flats are very easy nappies that dry fast. 

The Snappit Pro cloth nappy

From 6kg onwards babies can wear one nappy all night - no changing is needed. You can use the Siesta night nappy or two flats at night. The Superwrap cover has to be used over night nappies. 

Night cloth nappies- the Siesta or flats

It is just an extra couple of loads a week. It is not heavy going. Cloth uses a third of the amount of water used to manufacture disposables. You will find a rhythm as you do with everything in life. It just becomes your way of life. 

How to wash page here.

Get a wash bag to wash your covers in. This prolongs their life.

Pokkelokkie wash bag for cloth diaper covers
How many nappies do I need?

Full time (wash every two days):
Single baby
30 - 36 nappies.
8 - 10 covers for a single child.

48 nappies, 16 covers (wash every day). See this post.

Part time (use in conjunction with disposable nappies):
Single baby
10 - 18 nappies.
6 - 8 covers.

Twins (wash every day)
24 nappies
10 covers

A summary of what you need 

1. Your set of cloth nappies, boosters and covers (see newborn or after newborn nappy collections on the shop).
2. Fleece liners. Liners keep the bum dry and catch solids. 
3. A wetbag for outings.
4. A laundry mesh bag to wash your covers in.
5. Kiki vest extenders (usually a part of the set). 
6. A plastic wash basket (see storing page) that has holes.
7. Wipey cloth wipes to clean baby.


We offer full support via email or Whatsapp to not only help you with what to get but ALSO when your baby arrives, to make sure you get going. Your success is our priority!

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