Important tips and tricks

I strongly urge you to practice folding and putting nappies on a teddy/doll before baby arrives. This will increase your confidence and make a massive difference when baby is here. Cloth does take a bit of practice.

I'm a message away for any support needed.

1. How to get the best fit: 
  • Face baby (especially newborns) towards you when putting on cloth nappies. Working side on can be trickier.

  • If the prefold is too big, fold the wings down at the back to shorten the length of the nappy (see image below), flip it over and put it on.

  • Pull the wings up to the shoulders firmly before bringing over to fasten in the front.

Sleepy dust night fitteds:

  • Create extra layers in the hemp fitted if the nappy is not making it to the morning see here.
  • Add any additional layers (booster or padfolded flat) between the fitted that is on and the cover to avoid extra bulk.See pic below:

Dawn patrol day fitteds:

How to lay the inserts

Small : Lay the small round insert UNDER the longer one. For boys place it in front of his bits. For girls, a bit furthur down in the middle.

Medium and large : Longer one under the smaller one. Fold the smaller one in half for more layers if needed. Add a hemp booster on top for extra layers for newborns.

Velcro tabs:

ALWAYS keep the velcro tabs closed. Only open them when the nappy is about to be closed on the velcro strip. Velcro catches on everything and can quickly ruin the stitching on your nappies. Never wash with the tabs open. Always close.


Flats see our flats page.

Fleece covers
  • Side snapping covers :Keep the one side snaps closed. Thread baby`s leg through the one side then pull it under the bum and over the top and snap up the other side.
  • The cover sits like little shorts. It does not sit in the panty line. Make sure you pull it down to just below the belly button. The legs do not fit snugly around baby`s thighs. See the fit below.


  • Avoid clipping baby grows TIGHTLY over fleece covers. Cotton can pull moisture through and wet clothes.A nappy that is absorbent enough will work perfectly. Boost if you have dampness.
  • If the fleece cover is ever damp the nappy needs more layers. Add a booster to your nappy. It is NOT the cover that leaks- it is the nappy beneath.
2. Night cloth
  • Put the night nappy on 30 minutes before bedtime. Do not try and wait until the last minute- babies often by then are tired and impatient with a nappy change.
  • Make sure the entire nappy is tucked away into the cover. If the tiniest bit is sticking out and comes into contact with clothes are the sheets, the moisture will be drawn out.
  • Rinse night nappies in hot tap water immediately off the bum in the morning.

Boosting night nappies:

If the fleece cover is damp in the morning you need to add more layers. This IS the solution and is easy:

  • Add a Pokkelokkie hemp booster (trimmest) or a padfolded flat BETWEEN the nappy that is on and the cover - not inside the nappy. This reduces bulk a lot and provides the same absorption if you need those extra layers.

Do you have a tummy sleeper?

Add a booster length ways at the top of the night nappy to give extra layers upfront. This can be done with flats too.

3. Prepping hemp

Do not attempt to prep (prewash to increases absorbency) Pokkelokkie nappies. Just start using them. After 8 or so washes they will have reached full absorbency. Add a booster initially if any dampness occurs.

4. Cleaning poop nappies
  • EBF (exclusively breastfed)  poop is water soluble and can go straight in the washing machine.
  • Formula fed babies - rinse the nappy before storing/washing.
  • Use fleece liners once baby has passed the 4 month mark for more solid poop. The liner catches most of it and is much easier to clean than the hemp.
  • Get a bidet sprayer  that can be attached to the toilet to spray off nappies OR hold the nappy in the toilet as you flush and swirl it around firmly so the "goodies" drop off. 

  • Invest in some yellow garden gloves for when loading the machine or rinsing poop nappies.

Watch our video: 


5. Cloth wipes
  • Best cloth accessory ever! They clean up poop with 2 wipes.

6. The morning nappy (Newborn – toddler)
  • Morning output tends to be quite substantial.
  • Boost the first morning nappy (add a hemp booster).
  • Change it 30-50 minutes before you would any other nappy.
 7. Bum cream
  • Use cloth safe bum cream if needed. Avoid zinc based products as they clog the nappy pores.
  • You really do not need bum cream. Cloth does not cause rashes unless baby is sensitive to wetness. In this case use a fleece liner. 
8. Tips to soften hemp

Pop them (already dry) in the tumble drier for 10 minutes.
• Give them a hot iron if you do not have a drier.
• Add one cup of vinegar to a normal wash in the sta soft drawer now and then as a softener. 

9. How to work with Snappies
  • Once your nappy is on, place the snappy on top, push down one side (do not try and make this side grip onto anything) and keep holding with your thumb, then pull the other side across and it will automatically grip the fabric.
  • Make sure to pull it quite a way across so it stretches. It requires tension to work.
  • Then pull the bottom one down and WALA.