Red elastic marks

If a cloth nappy is very saturated, it can cause the elastics of a PUL cover or the actual nappy to get wet and leave red welt like marks. This is horrible and takes a long time to heal. 

Normal elastics look like this:

Normal looking elastics marks from a cloth nappy cover

Add a booster or two to increase absorption in the nappy to prevent the nappy from getting too wet. This is key. More layers means more absorption.

Stop using PUL type nappies/covers immediately. Placing PUL over these marks will just make them worse and they wont heal. Use fleece covers.

Loosen the cover. It does not need to be very tight. Make sure you can run your fingers along the casings comfortably. This is the "tightness test". 

 Avoid nappies that are not fully absorbent. Opt for flats, fitteds or prefolds and Pokkelokkie softshell covers.