Red elastic marks

If a cloth nappy is very saturated it can cause the elastics of the PUL cover/nappy to get wet and leave red welt like marks. This is horrible and takes a long time to heal. It can happen when using PUL over night.

  • Stop using PUL covers immediately. Placing PUL over these marks will just make them worse and they wont heal. Use fleece covers or wool covers.
  • Loosen the cover. It does not need to be very tight. Make sure you can get a finger comfortably in. This is the "tightness test". 

Elastics marks should look like this :

  • Add a booster or 2 to increase absorption in the nappy to prevent the nappy from getting too wet.This is key!
  • A larger than normal fleece liner (that sticks out of the nappy and that covers the elastics) can be used to protect baby`s skin.
  • Best solution - switch to Pokkelokkie hemp flats or prefolds and use fleece or wool covers that don`t have elastics.