Newbies start here

Here is quick summary of exactly what you need to know when embarking on your cloth journey:

  • You need fully absorbent nappies (nappies that wrap around the baby) to cloth diaper without any leaks. Flats, prefolds and fitteds. These all need a cover.
  • Nappies that wrap around baby have a huge surface area in comparison to nappies that don`t. These nappies have a long wearing time and fit snug, reducing any chance of gaps. They work!
  • Cloth nappies are different to disposables in that you don`t wait for the nappy to "get full". Changing every 2 - 3 hours is the recommended time for how long a cloth nappy should be on.
  • Newborn cloth can start as early as day one. Don`t be afraid- dive in! The cord stump is accommodated well with cloth.
  • Newborns pee a lot. See the newborn cloth page to find out exactly what you need.
  • Newborn cloth is VERY worth your while! Flats and covers can fit to 7/8 kg which is anything up to 4 months of use. These same flats are used as boosters (extra layers) in nappies until potty training.
  • Avoid trying OSFM (one size fits most) nappies for newborn stage. You may well feel frustrated and give up with leaks.
  • Once baby reaches around the 6/7kg mark, you will need to size up. Have a look at the after newborn page to find out what you need.
  • Be sure to visit the tips and tricks page to learn the easy shortcuts of putting our cloth nappies on. 
  • Cloth nappies do have specific wash requirements. See the washing pages to find out more.
  • An initial negative experience can put one off easily- rather invest in reliable, good quality nappies that will work to prevent any disappointment.
  • Cloth nappies take a bit of practice. So does having a baby. You WILL get the hang of it and you WILL LOVE it provided you have a good solid stash of nappies that work. I am here to support you.
  • Pokkelokkie nappies are locally made. We take pride in the quality of our product and we ensure that the fabric has undergone the correct preparation in order to prevent excessive unwanted shrinkage. Hemp is a sensitive fabric and unless proper care is taken, hemp nappies will distort and become unusable. This should never be the case.
  • Cloth is easy. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Often friends and family tend to think you're mad. You're not! Welcome to the wonderful world of cloth. You will never look back. Now lets get started...
A crash course in cloth lingo :

Types of Pokkelokkie nappies :

  • A flat - a square of fabric that is folded to make a nappy.

  • Hemp prefold -  pre sewn nappy. An elasticated prefold has elastics around the bum.


  • Hemp fitted - pre sewn nappy with elastics.

ALL hemp nappies need a cover.

Additional terms:

Booster- an insert made of 2 - 3 layers of hemp, added to a cloth nappy to provide more layers to increase absorbency.

Fleece liner- an insert made of fleece which is laid closest to baby`s skin within the nappy, to create a stay dry layer and catch poop.

OSFM (one size fits most). This nappy/cover has buttons that can be adjusted to fit from 5kg - potty training.See image below.

PUL fabric (some nappy covers are made of PUL) - A type of laminated fabric that is waterproof. See image above.


 Are you expecting or have a newborn? Go to the newborn cloth page.

Do you have a 3/4 month old plus baby, go to the after newborn page next.