Dont be fooled into thinking newborn nappies only fit for a short time....

Dont be fooled into thinking newborn nappies only fit for a short time....

Almost every week I get sent cloth bum photos from very happy mums.  Now just look at this smart little dude in his flat. This is a 50 x 50 flat and fits well from 3kg until about 6.5kg - which can be up to 3 months depending on baby`s birth weight. 
Newborn cloth is SO worth it. Newborns go through A LOT more nappies than any other stage as usually by 4/5 months, they tend to not pee as much and nappies last longer and you use less per day.
Newborns can go through anything from 10 - 16 nappies a day. Using  disposables- that costs around R1100 + a month. That is money thrown in the bin. Using cloth saves you heaps of money and nappies can always be sold. They will be snapped up very quickly on our facebook Pokkelokkie group.

You can cloth a Pokkelokkie newborn for as little as R4000 which can get you up to 6 - 8 months of wear. YES you read that right. If you choose medium 60 x 60cm sized flats, they fit up to 9/10kg! Bear in mind you will have a bigger nappy initially but they grow very fast.


Disposables= R4000 for 4 months
Pokkelokkie flats  = R4000 for 6 - 8  months - these flats are then also used in toddler nappies later on - so again, not wasted. Oh and did I mention your 2nd child? You won`t even need to buy any for her :)

Don’t be fooled thinking  “newborn nappies are not used for very long”. They can be…it is all about what nappies you choose.

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