Why choose a two-step cloth diaper system?

Why choose a two-step cloth diaper system?


Diving into the cloth diaper world can feel a bit intimidating at first. This is mainly due to the various different types of nappies available, along with what feels like a new foreign language, terms and lingo to learn. Twenty five years ago, parents only had one type available- the good old terri towelling flat and plastic cover. That is what everyone used.  There was a woman by the name of Marion Donovan to thank for the very first cloth nappy way back in 1946. Marion was a housewife sick of changing wet bed linen, wet nappies, wet clothing and constant nappy rash due to the rubber pants available at the time. She had a light bulb moment while in the shower.  She cut a square out of her nylon shower curtain and created the first waterproof covering for cloth nappies. And cloth diapers were born. We have come so far since then!! To think that generations of people only ever had huige terri flats. They really are such easy, affordable and effective nappies. And these days our flats are made from fabric that is a gazillion times trimmer and more absorbent. One cannot always tell a cloth diapered bum under clothes these days!

So how do you decide what to opt for? In a world of All in ones, Pockets, Snap in ones, flats, prefolds, fitteds…. why do we recommend our styles of nappies over others? We offer flats, fitteds and the Snappit Pro. 

So why?

  1. Fully absorbent nappies wrap around the baby. A fitted or a flat for example closes all the way around baby’s hips as opposed to just an absorbent inner that is in the wet zone. This wrapping around has a huge surface area to absorb. The whole nappy has the ability to become saturated which is ideal. The cover prevents anything getting wet.This style is a MUST for newborns.
2, Further absorbency can simply be added in the form of boosters. Boosting nappies is the key to our system. Our boosters are designed to be trim and thirsty. You can add one in the actual nappy itself and another one in the cover (see image below). The addition of one booster can give you up to another hour of wear, especially useful if headed out on a long car trip for example. Trying to boost a non-fully absorbent diaper (a pocket or all in one) is not always as effective as the insert style is often big and thick, leading to a bulky nappy with leg gaps. This wetzone can get oversaturated very quickly causing leaking. The ability to boost our nappies is what makes them so effective.
3.The quality of the fabric determines absorbency. Diaper fabrics come in different “weights” and it`s this weight as well as the quality of the yarn itself that determines how much it can absorb and hold. A poorer quality fabric will just not manage for obvious reasons. Pokkelokkie uses only the best quality fabrics available in SA. Our fabric is knitted exclusively for us.
4. Drying time. Most of our nappies dry so quickly (bar night fitteds)! And having fast drying means having to buy less nappies in the long run, especially in winter. Our fabrics have been picked not only for absorbency but also for the speed at which drying can occur. Flats are definitely the fastest. Snappits come a close second and third our Dawn patrols.

We chat to a lot of disappointed parents that have opted for purchasing a cheap, non fully absorbent style of nappy in bulk, hoping for the best. What they were unaware of is once babies reach around ten to twelve months old, output increases and a poor quality fabric just will not manage. We cannot urge you enough stick to a good quality cloth diaper.  At the newborn stage when babies wee a lot, they need a fully absorbent nappy (Dawn patrol fitteds and/or flats). Never opt for a pocket or all in one style during this stage.

Not so long ago, we introduced our own non-fully absorbent nappy type - a snap in one type diaper call the Snappit Pro. The driving force behind this was schools and carers who did not like the look of a two step system meaning using flats or fitteds plus a cover. Also for first time cloth users, it is more attractive than a flat initially. Our Snappit insert is made from the same fabric we use for our flats- it`s highly absorbent, layered properly and can be boosted to prevent any leaking.  So even though it is not a fully absorbent type, the quality of fabric and our failproof design ensures a reliable cloth nappy solution. We worked very hard to make sure this nappy works. And it does. It can only be used day time and from 5kg +. The other option is large flats and a Superwrap cover. If you are on a  budget and looking to save, this is the diaper for you. Flats can also be used at night so it`s a win win. We have a nappy to suit any budget and lifestyle.

Oh how we love a locally handmade cloth nappy!! We are proud of each item that leaves our factory in Knysna. Our nappies have been tried and tested and we are confident you will enjoy using them. A two-step system is the way to go in terms of longevity and reliability. What we want is nappies to work and nappies to fit until potty.

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