Dealing with Scepticism: Navigating Cloth Nappy Criticism with Confidence

Dealing with Scepticism: Navigating Cloth Nappy Criticism with Confidence

Dealing with Scepticism: Navigating Cloth Nappy Criticism with Confidence

Choosing cloth nappies for your baby is a decision rooted in health, sustainability, cost-efficiency, and often a desire to minimize environmental impact. However, not everyone understands or supports this choice. Family members or friends may express scepticism, concern, or even poke fun at your decision to use cloth nappies. While navigating these reactions can be challenging, it’s important to stay confident in your choice and handle such situations with humour and grace. Here’s how to approach and manage criticism effectively:

  1. Educate and Inform

Knowledge is Power: Arm yourself with facts about the benefits of cloth nappies. Share information about reduced environmental impact, cost savings in the long run, and potential health benefits for babies due to fewer chemicals.

Share Personal Experience: Explain why you chose cloth nappies. Whether it's a commitment to sustainability, concerns about chemicals in disposables, or financial considerations, your personal reasons can resonate with others.

  1. Address Concerns Proactively

Listen and Validate: Understand that concerns from loved ones often stem from a place of care. Listen actively to their worries about convenience, cleanliness, or practicality.

Offer Solutions: Address concerns with practical solutions. Highlight modern cloth nappy innovations like Pokkelokkie innovative designs, odour-controlling liners, and easy-to-wash fabrics.

  1. Set Boundaries and Stay Firm

Respect Your Decision: Assert your choice respectfully but firmly. Politely but confidently let others know that cloth nappies are what works best for your family.

Set Boundaries: If criticism turns disrespectful or teasing, respond with good humour. Share a witty retort or a funny anecdote to lighten the mood and redirect the conversation.

  1. Lead by Example

Showcase Success: Demonstrate the benefits of cloth nappies through your actions. Share humorous stories of diaper changes, cost savings over time, and how it aligns with your family values.

Involve Them: Turn scepticism into curiosity by inviting family and friends to see how cloth nappies work firsthand. Let them experience the ease and benefits themselves.

  1. Seek Support from Like-Minded Communities

Find Allies: Join our Pokkelokkie Group on Facebook to connect with other parents who use cloth nappies. Online forums, local parenting groups, and social media can provide invaluable support, advice, and camaraderie. 

Share Experiences: Exchange funny stories and tips with other parents facing similar challenges. Laugh together at the trials and triumphs of cloth nappy adventures.

  1. Stay Positive and Flexible

Focus on the Positive: Emphasize the positives of cloth nappies rather than dwelling on criticism. Celebrate the joy of choosing an eco-friendly option and the quirky moments that come with it.

Be Flexible: Remember, cloth nappies aren’t all-or-nothing. It’s okay to use disposables occasionally without feeling guilty. Balance is key to maintaining sanity in parenthood!


Navigating criticism or playful teasing about your choice to use cloth nappies requires humour, resilience, and a firm belief in your decision. By educating others, setting good-natured boundaries, seeking support, and leading with a sense of humour, you can confidently showcase the benefits of cloth nappy use. Ultimately, your child’s well-being and your commitment to sustainability guide your choices. Stay true to what works best for your family and keep the laughter flowing along the way!

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