Cute baby in modern Pokkelokkie cloth nappy

Be brave and don`t be a sheep

Being a mamma can be real tough some times. You have to make all these decisions about our little humans- and always in the back of our minds is “am I doing the right thing”. We seek support from friends and family yet often are faced with negativity and it`s almost like they want you to fail… why is that?

I remember when I shared my desire to cloth diaper with a few close humans. I was met with screwed up faces, some blank faces… some awkward silences and often the response was something like  “ Cloth nappies? Really? Sjoe you won`t have time for that! “

Modern cloth nappies are everything but time consuming. And let me tell you- that tiny bit of time you take to cloth your newborn in those deliciously cute nappies is worth every minute it took to pop them on. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing that cute bum in a Pokkelokkie cloth nappy. Reusable diapers in South Africa are gaining popularity by the second. More and more like minded mums are realizing that thousands of rands spent on a single use plastic is totally a waste of money never mind about the landfill. Uuuurgh!

The best cloth diapers are those that wrap around the baby as they are fully absorbent and don’t stand a chance of leaking. There is nothing worse than a leaking cloth nappy. All you need are good quality cloth nappies and that is something we at Pokkelokkie pride ourselves in. 

Eco nappies are the way forward mum. We find the most common fear in actually taking that leap is mulling over how to clean them. We have an entire section dedicated to storing and cleaning on our informative website plus lots of tips and tricks to make clean up easy and nose wrinkling free. Go check it out and get started on one of the best journeys in this mamamhood adventure.

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