Snappit Pro tips and tricks for  neat trim fit

Snappit Pro tips and tricks for neat trim fit

Cloth nappies take a little understanding of how to put them on just because they are not as thin as a single use plastic and they dont have a sticky tab. Reusables need to be "put on" properly to prevent leg gaps, they need to sit nice and snug - and a lot more snugger than one thinks basically. It cant move around. Disposables are renown for leaking and this is because of the overall design, lack of absorbency in the wetzone and the fact that they cant really be put on snug enough to prevent a poop blow out. Reusables contain poop SO well. This is because they fit so well and hold everything in. However if not put on properly this leads to a bulkier fit and gaps where things can leak out of. I find the fit of the nappy to be the number one thing we help most first time users with via the whatsapp support line. Once you understand how to get it on its plain sailing and pure joy!

The Snappit Pro is a snap in system which means the actual cloth nappy itself is an insert that clips into the cover. This means the nappy does not wrap around baby like a flat for example. Flats are superior at containing poop, especially when it`s is still runny (before solids start). 

Tip 1

If baby is in the above "runny poop" stage, consider adding a few more Snappit Pro covers to your stash. Reason being, poop can run off onto the cover binding which means it cannot be used twice. Having a few more covers allows you to have more changes at this stage. They never go to waste and bear in mind this nappy can be used until potty. 

Tip 2

Skinny legs?

Add a booster which will bulk up the nappy and close the leg gaps. Do up all the buttons. 

Tip 3

The correct snap setting:

Our test groups revealed the following:

6kg – 10kg both sets of snaps fastened. Velcro tabs will overlap.
11/12kg – 15kg one set fastened. Velcro tabs will meet in the middle.
16kg+ usually all snaps are open.

Sometimes babies can sit between snap placements as they grow- so keep this in mind. There will be stages where you dont feel sure and this probably means baby is growing.

Tip 4

Make sure the fleece binding is peeking out all the way along the top just under the belly button. This pulls up the binding between the legs and closes leg gaps and also prevent wing drop. See image below.

Tip 5

If you have been using flats or a fitted style, the Snappit cover will fit MUCH "tighter" around the waist as there is now no nappy around this part anymore. This can take a bit of getting used to.

Tip 6

The direction of the crease by the buttons is crucial to the overall fit. Our video shows you exactly how to create this. Flap the cover towards you first then fold it over back over baby's tummy which will then allow you to push your fingers upwards into the crease, not downwards! See below.

Final tip

The best advice I can give you is... you to use your nappies one after the other. This way you get to learn how to use them, your hands get smarter and you become accustomed to your reusable nappies. The more you use them the easier it becomes and the rewards of your choice start to emerge. 

We love having you on this journey. Please feel free to contact our whatsapp support line 0787052797 for a fit assesment or to pop any questions to us. Please be sure to read the relevant pages on the website first. The answer is almost always there :)

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