Part time starter cloth nappy set

Part time starter cloth nappy set

Regular price R 2,575.00

5 Dawn patrol day fitteds, 5 hemp flats, 2 Sleepy dust hemp fitteds, 5 hemp boosters, 2 prefolds, 5 covers, 5 snappies.

  • 14 cloth nappies, 5 covers.
  • The perfect set to get you going on your cloth journey- newborn or toddler.
  • Pair with alternative nappies until you feel ready to invest in a full set.
  • Day time - use the day fitteds and flats. 
  • Night time - use the hemp fitteds and prefolds.
  • Sizes and colours (various available) done via email.


Size 1: Newborn 2kg - 7/8kg (Choose small or medium flats, waterproof or fleece covers).

Size 2: 6kg - 10kg (Large flats, fleece covers)

Size 3: 10kg - 15kg (Large flats, fleece covers)


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