Full and part time LankyFlats sets

Full and part time LankyFlats sets

Regular price R 3,260.00


Full time set: 30 flats, 30 boosters, 10 snappies.
Part time set: 15 flats, 15 boosters, 6 snappies.

Covers are not included. Add 8 - 10 covers full time and 6 covers part time.

Small (newborns): 2kg - 6/7kg
50 x 50cm flats, newborn boosters.

Small/Medium mixed (newborns): 2kg - 9/10kg
An even mix of 50 x 50cm flats and 60 x 60 flats, newborn boosters.

Medium (newborns): 3.5kg/4kg - 10kg
60 x 60cm flats, newborn boosters.

Large: 7kg - 20kg
70 x 70cm flats, regular boosters.


NOTE- small and medium Sahara flats due mid December!!

A mix of our in stock colors - Sahara, grey and rust. You can specify. Note in comments.

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