• Wool covers are made from 100% merino wool and need to be lanolised - this means they are treated with lanolin (a fatty substance found naturally on sheep's wool) which then makes the wool water resistant and makes for an excellent nappy cover.
  • Woolies need to be lanolised on a monthly basis in order for them to be effective.This is not difficult or time consuming. See directions below.
  • In colder weather fleece pants need to be worn over wool. Regular cotton pants may end up damp as cotton can pull the moisture through the wool. In summer, no pants over the cover. No tight baby grows to be clipped over the wool cover.
Washing wool covers:
  • Hand wash and lanolise every 2 weeks for the first 3 times.
  • Thereafter wash and lanolise once a month (unless pooped on).
  • Hand wash in a bucket of lukewarm water.
  • Use Woolite (bought locally in shops) hand washing soap- hand wash only.
  • Be gentle.
  • Dry flat on a towel outside in the shade. Do not hang or it will lose it’s shape.

Troubleshooting a damp cover/leaks:

 Wool is not 100% waterproof like plastic.It is a natural fiber and absorbs 30% of moisture that comes in contact with it and it slowly evaporates.

If your cover leaks, it is possible that you are :

  • Not using an absorbent enough nappy. Solution : BOOST. Add a hemp booster or a padfolded flat to the nappy that is on.
  • If a wool cover that you have been using successfully begins to leak, that could indicate that it is time to re-lanolize your wool.  
How to lanolize :

Ingredients needed : Lanolin and baby liquid wash or wool wash.

1. Mix 10g lanolin (a teaspoon) (for 1 cover) with 50ml hot water in a small bottle so it dissolves in a small bottle (add 5g,half a tsp,  per extra cover). Add a squirt of wool wash or baby liquid soap and mix. Shake to mix through. It should now be a milky suspension.

2. In the sink or a large plastic mixing bowl, add enough warm water to cover the wool soaker(s).

3. Add your lanolin mixture and mix.

4. Turn your wool cover inside out. Add the cover(s) to the bowl  and swish it around gently. Gently press the wool fibres to ensure the mixture soaks through.Soak for 30 minutes.

5. Double over a towel on table. Take out the cover and gently press the water out with your fingers. BE GENTLE. Lay the cover on the towel and place another towel over it. Gently press to get some more water out.

6. Leave the cover (lying flat on the towel) until its fully dry , outside in the shade (not in direct sunlight) (this can take a few days). Do not hang!