Storing dirty nappies

Get a laundry bin. One with holes is the best. Nappies need to breathe and not be closed up in a sealed bin. Keep in a well ventilated area.

Storing dirty nappies should not smell.

If your wash bucket smells then this means your wash routine is not correct and nappies are not getting cleaned properly. This is easy to fix. Have a look here.

Number 1 (pee) nappies:

  • Throw in the bucket.

Number 2 (poop) nappies:

  • Poop (once baby is eating solids) needs to be discarded in the toilet.
  • Use a diaper sprayer or garden sprayer to spray off poop or dunk the nappy in the toilet and as you flush, swirl the nappy vigorously in the loo to get rid of poop. The use of a fleece liner (see below) makes this a lot easier. Poop tends to fall off fleece much easier than it does hemp.

  • Store in the bucket.
  • Newborn poop is water soluble and can be thrown in the machine as is. Rinse nappies if baby is formula fed.
  • Do not leave dirty nappies longer than 4 days in the bucket- mould can be an issue.
  • Do not fill the bucket with water.

NIGHT nappies (once baby is wearing one all night): must be rinsed well immediately off the bum in the morning in hot tap water before storing/washing. If not this can lead to ammonia build up, which leads to stink issues.

Your bucket should never smell. If it does your wash routine isn`t right. Have a look here.