Sending cloth to school

How to use flats 

Flats folded and put on are always first class prize. Snug fit = no leaks. If carers are not keen to fold and put on there is this other option:

Padfold a flat and lay it in the SuperWrap cover. Add a Pokkelokkie booster or two on top. This just adds extra layers as sometimes school does not change the nappy as soon as you would at home. Add a fleece liner. See below.

Send a wetbag for dirty nappies.

What to do with the poop ?
Tell teachers to fold the fleece liner in half which then keeps the poop contained. Fold the cover up like a present and pop it in the wetbag. So the nappy should pretty much look how it looked when it left in the morning - all folded up. Poop can be cleaned at home as per usual. 
Dawn Patrol day fitteds

These are the perfect school solution. This nappy mirrors a disposable so takes no extra effort. A SuperWrap cover or fleece cover is needed.