How to get the best fit

If the prefold is too big/long, fold the wings down at the back to shorten the length of the nappy, flip it over and put it on.

How to layer for night use

Boost with two to three Pokkelokkie boosters or a padfolded flat.

Add a fleece liner closest to the bum for a stay dry effect.
There will always be leg gaps however, if the nappy is put on snug enough (follow the tips in the video) then the gaps will not cause any issues.
Use fleece covers or longies at night.
Watch our video.

How to soften hemp nappies

Due to no fabric softner, nappies can get stiffer.
Pop them (already dry) in the tumble drier on LOW for 10 minutes.
Give them a hot iron if you do not have a drier.
Rub the nappy against itself. The friction results in a softer fabric.