My nappies smell

One of the most common issues causing stinky nappies (ammonia build up) is an incorrect wash routine. 

Wash routine check list
  • Is the machine ¾ full? Not more or less. Add a towel to a emptier load. Nappies need agitation to get clean.
  • Am I using the right amount of detergent (OMO can cause stinky nappies)?
  • Are you adding a bit more detergent if you are cold washing?
  • Is the machine cycle on the longest?
  • Are the nappies being rinsed properly before the main cycle?
  • Are you hand rinsing night nappies IMMEDIATELY off the bum in hot tap water before storing?

Follow the steps below to get rid of ammonia build up:

  1. Try a long hot (max 30`c) wash with the full amount of recommended detergent.
  2. If that doesn’t work:
  3. Add clean nappies to the machine. Add half a cup of baking soda in the detergent drawer to a normal cycle (no detergent as nappies are clean) and add half a cup of vinegar to the rinse water. (Watch the machine and once the spin has finished the machine should fill up with water- this is the rinse. Add the vinegar to the detergent drawer)
  4. If that doesn’t work:
  5. You will need to bleach strip in cold water followed with a hot (max 30 degrees) wash to break down the bleach. See below.
2. How to bleach strip:

In the bath :

  • Use bio bleach.
  • In the bath: Add half a cup of bleach to a liter of water and mix in a jug.Add to the nappies which are submerged in cold water. Mix and leave for 30 mins. Wash as per normal in the machine with detergent and on 30`c.
  • In the sink (for 1 - 4 nappies): 1 TBS bleach to 4 litres water. Leave to soak for 30 mins then wash as per normal (30`c).

If you have only a cold water machine: let the water out of the bath then refill with hot tap water only and leave to soak for 15 minutes. Then do a cold wash in the machine as per normal with detergent.

In a frontloader: 

  • Half cup of bleach diluted with one liter of cold water.
  • Add to your frontloader through the detergent tray once the machine has already filled with water.
  • Cold wash. Regular cycle. No detergent.
  • Followed by a hot wash (30`c) with detergent to deactivate the bleach.


    Other reasons to strip:

    Are the nappies preloved? Yes: Do a bleach strip.

    Has baby had thrush?Yes: Do a bleach strip.

    Email me if you are stuck.