My baby has a rash

Wet nappy rash:

Wetness rashes can occur if baby is sensitive to wet cloth or if the nappy is very wet for a long period.


  • Boost the nappy to add more layers to prevent it getting so wet.See here.
  • Use a fleece liner which creates a stay dry effect on the bum.
  • Maizena powder rubbed on the bum is a wonderful solution and works very well and is cloth safe.


This rash is red and consists of small red bumps. Please consult a doctor to get treatment. Stop using cloth nappies and strip them and wait for the thrush to clear before moving back to cloth.

Other rashes:

Some babies are allergic to PUL (the waterproof covers) or to fleece liners. Stop using these 2 things until the rash goes away and then reintroduce. If it comes back then this could very well be the problem. This rash usually appears where the PUL cover/fleece liner touches the skin only. 


  • Switch to fleece covers.
  • Stop using fleece liners.

Teething rash:

Breathable covers such as fleece and wool (as opposed to PUL) allow air to circulate better than PUL covers.

Nappy free time as much as possible.