Do I save money?

YES! Let`s do the math:

Birth - 4 months = 10 - 12 disposables a day at R3 a nappy = R1000/month x 4 months = R4000. 

4 months - 2.5 years = 5 - 6 disposables a day over 1.5 years = R13140

Total birth - potty = around R17 000 (minimum) is what you will spend in total in your child`s diaper life. Not to mention the money spent on bum cream to get rid of nasty nappy rash caused by the chemicals in the nappies themselves.

This is money thrown in the bin and fills landfills.

  • full set of hemp cloth nappies (30 flats and 8 covers) = R2850.
  • These nappies will fit until 7kg and never go to waste as you will use these flats over and over again within other nappies later as boosters or inserts (which just means you stuff other nappies with them later on for extra layers,which is what you need as baby gets older).
  • These nappies can be reused for child number 2!
  • You will only need to upsize flats ONCE and grab some larger covers.

In total you can  spend as little as R6000 from birth - potty training. That`s a saving of around R11000.

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