After newborn

1. What nappies and covers?


Hemp or cotton fleece?

Both are great. I suggest a mix.

2. Best size flats to buy?

  • From 6kg/7kg large (70 x 70cm) flats are suitable.

3. How many do I need ?

  • 25 nappies and 8 covers to wash every 2 days
  • 15 nappies and 6 covers to wash every day.
  • Boosters: We recommend using boosters if the nappy is very wet after 2 hours of wear.1 booster per nappy when using flats.Boosters provide extra layers within a nappy to allow for a long wearing time and prevents the wetzone from getting too saturated. 
  • 3 – 4 of those must be night nappies (Hemp prefolds or hemp fitteds, see below).

4. How often do I change a cloth nappy ?

  • Day time - every 3  hours. Poop nappy change immediately.
  • Night time- one night nappy will suffice the 10 – 12 hour stretch if baby has stopped pooping at night.

5. Daytime solution options:

  • 1 flat + 1 booster (see above) +  a fleece or PUL cover.
  •  Dawn Patrol fitted + fleece or PUL cover.
  • Fleece liners for day are optional. They create a stay dry layer next to the skin as pee passes through fleece onto the hemp below as it doesn't absorb.  They also catch solid poop well so I do recommend them for toddlers. Makes clean up MUCH easier. 
  • Watch our videos on flats and prefolds.

6. Night time solution options: 

Use hemp for nights. It`s super thirsty and holds.

  • A hemp prefold + 1 or 2 boosters + fleece liner + cover/longies (fleece) OR
  • A hemp fitted + cover/longies (fleece) OR
  • 2 hemp flats folded as one in origami fold + fleece liner + cover/longies (fleece)
  • You can use wool covers over nappies in winter only IF you put fleece pants over them. This is a great combo!
  • See our night folding video for the flat combos above.
  • A fleece liner for nights is a MUST. It keeps baby dry and prevents nappy rash which can be caused by wet cloth. See pic below.

7. What covers are best?

Winter: PUL covers for day. Fleece longies for night.

Summer: Fleece shorties OR PUL covers for day and home play. PUL for outings. Fleece shorties for night (see below).

A note on fleece: Fleece is water resistant and pushes moisture back into the nappy making an effective water resistant layer between nappy and clothes. If the nappy beneath is not absorbent enough, moisture can be pulled through resulting in damp clothes. If dampness occurs- add a booster to the nappy. Avoid closing bay grows tightly over fleece covers.

8. Washing poop

  • Solid poop must be discarded in the toilet (not in the sink or bath).
  • Invest in a diaper sprayer or a garden sprayer. Poop can get sticky- do yourself a favour and get the sprayer. It`s life changing and very affordable.
  • Get some yellow gloves if you’re not keen on dealing with poop.
  • Spray the nappy off in the toilet. Or dunk, flush and swirl. See our video
  • Throw the dirty nappy in the nappy bucket until wash day.
Disposable liners
  • Are not flushable- ever. Please don’t flush them.
  • Can be messy as they can get lost in sticky poop.
  • Use fleece liners- they are washed and reusable.

9. Reusable cloth wipes

  • Very effective and make clean up easy and quick.
  • Get about 20 – 30. They last until potty training.
  • Store bought wet wipes contain chemicals and often cause horrible rashes.