After newborn

What nappies are the best?
Daytime: Flats and/or Dawn patrol day fitteds plus a cover.
Night time: Hemp prefolds or two flats and a fleece cover or longies.

Best size flats to buy?
Large flats can fit well from 6/7kg on. Use this trick. Then no upsizing is needed.
Medium flats can be used well from 4/5kg, if starting cloth at this point.

How many do I need ?
Twenty eight - thirty nappies and ten covers to wash every two days.
Fifteen nappies and six covers to wash every day.

Boosters: We recommend using boosters if the nappy is very wet after two hours of wear. One booster per nappy when using flats. Boosters provide extra layers within a nappy to allow for a long wearing time and prevents the wetzone from getting too saturated.

How often do I change a cloth nappy ?
Day time - every three to three and a half (max) hours. Poop nappy change immediately.
Night time - one night nappy will suffice the ten to twelve hour stretch if baby has stopped pooping at night.

Daytime solution options:
A flat (some babies need one to two boosters) and cover.
A Dawn Patrol fitted and a cover.
Fleece liners for day are needed in all nappies once baby starts solids. They catch solid poop very well. Without these cleaning poop can be tricky.
Night time solution options:

A hemp prefold (the best older toddler night nappy) and two to three boosters or a padfolded flat, a fleece liner and fleece cover/longies
Two flats and fleece liner and a fleece cover/longies. See our night folding video for the flat combos.
Avoid PUL covers at night.

What covers are best?

Summer: Fleece covers or SuperWraps for day time. Fleece covers for night.

Winter: SuperWrap waterproofs for day under longies/clothes. Fleece longies over the night nappy for night from five/ six months old. Use a SuperWrap beneath the fleece longies until 5/6 months old.

Cleaning poop

Solid poop must be discarded in the toilet.
Use fleece liners. Disposable liners are yet another landfill item. They are not flushable.
Get a bidet sprayer. They are not expensive, are easily hooked up to the toilet and are a total game changer. 

Watch our cleaning videos.
Reusable cloth wipes

Very effective and make clean up easy and quick. Get about thirty. They last until potty training. Store bought wet wipes contain chemicals, often cause horrible rashes and you need "100" to clean a poop.

Tip: Keep a water bottle at your changing station to wet your cloth wet wipes.

Bum cream

Generally no bum cream is needed with cloth nappies. Cloth does not cause rashes unless baby is sensitive to wetness. In this case use a fleece liner. Use cloth safe bum cream or coconut oil if needed. Avoid zinc based products as they clog the nappy pores. Use a fleece liner if these creams are needed (sometimes during teething).