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Mamma you got this!

Do you count in sleeps until the weekend or until an exciting event? So that means it`s 1 sleep ...until relax time. It is also 7 sleeps until Dad comes home. So Dad went away last week - yes... I have survived 9 days without my soulmate, my rock, my life.Nine whole long days and some very long and hard nights. With a 1 year old (a very clingy 1 year old) and a 3 year old (my threenager atm)... in tow... let me tell you I have a very new found respect for you single mamma`s. Sjoe! Dad come home!!!Being alone without that other pair of hands has made me realise that without the right attitude, it really will all...

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The fleece liner

Over the last week my littlest human has not been well. Oh mamma`s it can be so tough. Sleep deprivation is a real, hard reality. It creeps up on you slowly... pretending it is not  there and then after the 6th or 7th night the cloud is heavy, grey and feels very dark. I changed a lot of cloth nappies over the last 5 days. We moved between disposables and cloth, not knowing which one would be better seeing as though it was only on for less than an hour at time. Part of me wanted him to be "dry" and "comfy" yet the other part couldn't bear the thought of the chemicals all over the already very sore little bum cheeks....

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Am I enough?

  DID YOU KNOW there is brand new newborn full time cloth nappy set on the shop? The set comprises of only fitted nappies, elasticated nappies and covers and allows for full time cloth. Most mums opt for washing every 2 -3 days as every day washing can get a bit tiring, especially with a little baba. Last weekend I was supposed to do my laundry on Sunday but instead I spent it in bed with eina case of mastitis. Did you know that you can get it from a knock or injury to the breast??? Who would have thought moms! We learn new things every day. The day before I had been playing aeroplane with my 3 year old on the...

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Be brave and don`t be a sheep

Being a mamma can be real tough some times. You have to make all these decisions about our little humans- and always in the back of our minds is “am I doing the right thing”. We seek support from friends and family yet often are faced with negativity and it`s almost like they want you to fail… why is that? I remember when I shared my desire to cloth diaper with a few close humans. I was met with screwed up faces, some blank faces… some awkward silences and often the response was something like  “ Cloth nappies? Really? Sjoe you won`t have time for that! “ Modern cloth nappies are everything but time consuming. And let me tell you-...

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Our new day fitted cloth nappies are all the talk of the town

Are you afraid to dive into the world of modern cloth nappies? Well we have the answer for you. This is where to start : Our Dawn Patrol day fitteds are super easy to put on. With a velcro fastener, even daddy wants to get his hands on one. Here is some feedback from a very happy mum : "I am really happy with your nappies. The dawn patrol are perfect to take to the crèche as they are simple to fit and there’s no need for snappies." Dive in ladies and take the plunge. Cloth nappies are easy provided you have a good quality nappy backed with our support.

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