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The Pokkelokkie flats challenge 2020

A flats challenge is basically a challenge to get you to use your flats as much as you can for five days. Ideally we aim at using them day in and day out every single day - nights included. It`s easily done (if you have enough flats) and its a great opportunity to really get into flats. My one piece of advice about flats is that they need patience and a bit of practice. A couple of days of just diving straight in is all it takes until you get the hang of it. So lets get started Day 1: Part 1 Today we start with the ever popular and my all time favorite Origami fold. In my opinion it`s...

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The myths of cloth

As you know I am very passionate about doing what we can to reduce, reuse and recycle. Babies produce A LOT of waste and there are lots of things we can do as mums in order to help. Not only is it important for us to do it for the planet, but is it not more important to teach and help our children follow in our footsteps? If we don`t, they are potentially faced with a very serious problem (it`s already pretty serious) which will impact their lives on a massive scale. If you are looking to parent in a more sustainable way, using cloth nappies and/or cloth wipes is definitely a HUGE step in the right direction. Did you know...

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One small change can lead to much bigger changes

Are meal times a chore with little ones? Here are some things that have helped us.  Make faces in breakkie, snacks, lunch and dinner with dried fruit and veggi bits. I really have found the enjoyment factor from this fuels an appetite. Children get very excited when “eating eyes”. Sit down and eat together as a family. The minute we started doing this, our boys have started eating a ton more vegetables. I witnessed them gobble up asparagus the other day. Kids really just want to be like you. The more you include them in your actions the more likely they are to follow suite. Children mirror you. You are their everything. Avoid microwave food. Research shows microwaves destroy a...

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Happy 2020

A new year is here , kids aren`t at school yet and my patience is slowly wearing very very thin. Anyone else feel like that? With that said, we did have what felt like the best holiday so far as a family of four.  We did what we set out to do - spend as much time as we could with our growing little energy balls of light. That said , it`s time to knuckle down and start work. Happy 2020 to you and your families!!! We are excited to be back in the saddle and the sewing machines are already humming along to the radio as I write. Some exciting news : we have two potential Irish stockists. Europe here we...

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Make the time

We are heading towards the end of the year. Christmas is around the corner and 2020 is almost here.WOOHOOO! I am pretty sure a lot of you have heard the song by Harry Chapin. It`s called Cats in the cradle. Have you ever listened closely to the words? In a nutshell it talks about how he has a baby... but how he never made the time for him when he was little. Then he grows old, and his son hasn`t the time for him in the same way he never had time for him many moons ago. And now it s gone. Watch the video below.Take 3:44 minutes out of your life to do this. It is important. It might  change...

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