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My obsession with flats

Every single day I recommend flats to new moms wanting to use cloth nappies. Flats... flats... flats. When I started cloth diapering (five years ago) the first nappies I ever made were flats. I dug out my old sewing machine which Mum had left me and gave it an oil and off I went. I loved it so much I turned it into a business- but that is another story :) The first cloth nappy I used was a hemp flat. Gosh it was a different experience than when practicing on a teddy!! Those wriggly, kicking legs just would not be still even for a moment. It took a few tries to finally get it on and hmmmm there were gaps...

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The Pokkelokkie newborn online workshop

Introducing Pokkelokkie`s very first online workshop. We are tackling newborn cloth moms. We understand how daunting it can be, so we are reaching out to help you settle any worries and to help you get going. Each day will be summarized and added to the blog for a full comprehensive article that you can revisit at any time. DAY 1 Part 1 :Is newborn cloth worth it? For those of you who are only considering starting cloth after 3 months, is newborn cloth worth ? Yes. Newborns go through the most amount of nappies (in a diaper lifetime) in the first 4 months. 1. Money saving: Newborns can use up to 15 nappies a day. That is 450 nappies in...

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Routine in the time of Covid-19

It`s been three weeks. Three weeks at home with two little kids. Yes there was a school holiday in there but somehow it just did not feel like a school holiday for anyone. I felt grateful for the timing - meaning we had a "no school" period already planned in there so that definitely gave us some "normality" ,especially for our four year old. But as we moved into the third week things started to feel like school should have begun and things should be back to normal - as it would be pre Covid-19. The biggest flag for me was my four year old`s behavior.  My sweet, friendly, polite little boy was not himself anymore. The aimless days of...

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Pokkelokkie playtime activity workshop

Day 1 Painting is always a total hit. It`s messy but a lot of fun and can be done by ALL ages. Try and let go of the mess. Just make sure to lay down some plastic or paint outside if you can on the grass. Water soluble paint is a must. 3D objects are much more fun to paint and allows practice of fine motor skills. Dry leaves Stones/rocks Pinecones Tree trunks Start collecting plastic or cardboard stuff.. anything that you would usually throw away. Pop a box next to the bin and throw stuff in there. Toilet rolls (start collecting these for many other things we will do) Egg boxes are fun Any box of any sort -...

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Who would have thought... 2020. A virus. This was an absolute surprise!! So here is my take on the world and what`s going on and what I am taking from it. I do not know why things happen - good or bad. But I do know that good does come from bad. It does not always come immediately (more than often not) but as we say, hindsight is a wonderful thing. I do not worry about getting sick (us healthy people have no need to worry about that). It is flu. It is the ones that can`t afford to get it like those that have compromised immunity and the elderly that I worry for. We do not have enough hospital...

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