You are the center of the(ir) universe


Leaving the house with 2 kids in tow can be quite a lengthy and challenging task on the best of days- anyone relate? Like my husband says, 1 + 1 is not 2. It definitely is not 1! Between packing the bag with extra clothes and packing nappies, someone poops - have to change the nappy (another 10 minutes). Continue to pack bag....  try to find bike... toddler has a melt because he cant find the train (which anyway cannot come to the river). Console starts crying... try to hold both at once. (Jealous) toddler hits baby.... Dad intervenes , both kids melt. They don`t want Dad...they want Mom.


Mom = center of the universe AKA NO BREAK EVER.

I love my kids, so much. One is almost 4 (a bubbling threenager) and the other is 18 months. They are busy, busy little boys. So we are busy, busy parents. We made the choice to cut TV out totally during the week (the change in the toddler is profound). So this makes us even busier. We have full one on one contact with the kids every day (we work from home). It can feel relentless sometimes (I know I am not alone). But it is passing us by so so quick. To find the balance between work and kids and quiet time(what is this thing quiet time?) can be very challenging. Kids need to go out... they need nature and we give them that as much as the weather permits. If your kids are climbing the walls.....GO OUT. The beach and the river or the forest give us some brief moments of peace. They love the water and being tickled with long sticks of grass. Bicycles and push strollers are endless fun and leave kiddies feeling tired and happy.

I have discovered a lot of mums are fearful of going out and using cloth.


If you have a fully absorbent nappy (a Pokkelokkie flat or fitted) that is boosted for the journey/outing, there will not be any problems. Boosting is the key to cloth diapering the Pokkelokkie way without any leaks, ever.

So how do you boost for outings?

If you are using a flat and a booster at home... add a 2nd booster between the nappy that is on and the cover. This will add another 1 - 2 hours of wear to the flat or fitted and then you don`t need to worry about getting stuck in the mall with a nappy that could potentially leak! You only need to do it once to see how effective boosters are. Cotton or hemp - both work very well. It is just those extra layers that the wetzone needs to keep it going for that extra time before you get home mom.

Try it.... and let us know. Take those Pokkies out MOM.

Be kind to yourself. You are someones entire world.



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