Does it matter?

Yesterday afternoon I was elbow deep in bath and bubbles with my 2 boys. It was 6pm. Through my head ran the list of things still to do before 7pm - bed time!

Wash hair x 2.Lay out PJ`s x 2. Prepare night nappies x 2 (hunt for snappi or fleece liner). Dry hair x 2. Jump on the bed and make a cave under the duvet x 1 (can be done with both same time... sjoe). Brush teeth x 2 (avoid screaming by being funny but not feeling funny). Play for calm down time before bed x 2. Get baby to sleep x 1. Clean kitchen after dinner. Unpack school bag. Pick up toys all over the floor to prevent injury in the night. Shower? 

So... anyone else feel like you have NO idea how you manage it all before 9pm? Gosh being a mamma of 2 can be both exhilarating and challenging at the same time. I am sure those of you that are, know what I am talking about. And those of you that are patiently waiting for baba to come... will soon know :)

For me it is not about getting all the things "done"... as that can be done by just doing them (one after another). It is about doing it meaningfully so that each day that has passed isn't just another day filled with things that were done but rather time spent together while doing those things. Life is passing me so fast. Where is the time going? Every day seems like Friday again. What have I accomplished this week. Have I been a mom? Have I spent time with my boys? Do they feel I have been there for them? Have we had the most fun we can while doing life? We try. Have we grown together? (I hope). This is what counts for us. Not every day I manage this. I am after all just a human being.

There are no books on parenting that can actually tell you how to parent your child or how to be there for them. That needs to come alone- for us it comes from simply being with them and enjoying the time with them- while brushing teeth, getting dressed, jumping on the bed, watching a movie together or changing a (cloth) nappy. Changing cloth nappies does take a bit longer... but you know what- that is time you will never get back. Spend an extra 2 minutes jumping up from the floor to the changing table rather than worrying about the time. We sometimes get to bed late... it does not matter. The clock time does not matter. We have a goal - that being 7pm. Do we always make that- no. Do we read an extra story- yes. Does it matter - no.

Our evenings are chillier these days. Winter is knocking and bed time has moved from 8h30pm  to  7pm. The sun sets earlier and dinner has been moved earlier. Ahhhhhhhh it is so super to have that extra time in the eve to just sit down and chill. Our fleece longies were launched last week. HAVE YOU GOT YOURS?   Winter cloth is even easier at night with these warm fuzzy beauties. Just pull the longies up over the night nappy and WALA. Dry night guaranteed.

If you haven't given night cloth a go just yet- check out our favorite night nappy- Sleepy dust night fitteds here.  

Go for it. You won`t be dissapointed mamma!


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