The Pokkelokkie flats challenge 2020

A flats challenge is basically a challenge to get you to use your flats as much as you can for five days. Ideally we aim at using them day in and day out every single day - nights included. It`s easily done (if you have enough flats) and its a great opportunity to really get into flats.

My one piece of advice about flats is that they need patience and a bit of practice. A couple of days of just diving straight in is all it takes until you get the hang of it.

So lets get started

Day 1: Part 1

Today we start with the ever popular and my all time favorite Origami fold. In my opinion it`s the best fold to use on both newborns and older babies. If you feel flats are too much work and folding is not for you … well guess what? You don’t actually need to know any other folds by the way. This will take you to potty training.

Pros of this fold

  • Contains poop better than any other fold.
  • Can be jelly rolled (this means tucking it on around the bum part so no gaps occur) very easily due to the fit of the flat around baby. Jelly rolling is what contains poop.
  • Gives 8 – 10 layers of absorbency in the wetzone (the middle layers). This is decent amount of layers and makes for a very thirsty nappy.
  • Can be boosted without causing bulk.
  • Great for boys and girls.

Can you think of any other pros we have missed?

Watch the video and fold your flat:

Day 1 :Part 2

Putting an origami folded flat on a baby.

Using flats is not difficult. Flats require you to be patient and simply take a day or two of just diving in and using them. Do you remember learning how to drive? You didn’t just get in and speed off – you stalled, A LOT, but you got there in the end? Cloth diapers can be a bit like that. Stalling is all part of the process. Ok so how to tackle this live baby 😊


  • Once baby is on, pull the flat as low as you can at the back so it is not sitting in the waist but rather sitting like hipster jeans.
  • Pinch the flat at the base of baby`s bum to create a rectangle like tail (pic). Bring this bit up over baby and HOLD.
  • Grab baby’s leg with that same hand and pull the wing of the flat up towards the shoulder (really stretching it as much as you can to make sure the stretch of the fabric hugs baby.)
  • Hold the wing in place and change hands and do the same on the other side.
  • The biggest mistake is to let go of the any tension you have crated by using the stretch of the fabric to hug baby. If it is let go…the nappy will not sit snugly and gaps will appear. This is the part that takes a little practice and patience.

Watch the video and give it go.


Babies over 6 months old:

Day 1 : Part 3

Night cloth

Using hemp flats at night is very easy and makes a budget friendly night cloth nappy.In my humble opinion, night cloth is easier than day cloth. Put the nappy on at bedtime and take it off the next morning.
If you have good quality hemp flats they are all you need for nights - save yourself a ton of money and a lot of landfill waste.


  • Two hemp flats must be used at the same time. One is not sufficient even if boosted (for medium wetters)
  • Use only fleece covers for night time. They are soft, very comfy and very reliable.
  • Night combo to try that is solid: one Pokkelokkie hemp flat put on in Origami (see video posted in part 1) and lay a pad folded hemp flat in the wetZone.  This is VERY trim solution and very thirsty.

How to padfold:

Watch the second combo in this night folding video:

Are you going to try tonight ?

Day 2: Part 1

This morning is JO FOLD.

This fold is better suited to older babies where poop is not runny. Reason being is jelly rolling is not really possible.


  • If the flat is not a square, just keep adjusting the corners so a square shape is formed.It does not need to be just need a squarish shape to start off with.
  • For older babies the corners will not meet in the middle.The more the corners meet in the middle the smaller the flat will be.
  • Always boost this fold using 1 - 2 boosters.

Watch the video and give this one a try. I love this fold.

Day 2: Part 2

Tips on how to get a nappy on a gymnast/crocodile

Babies 6 - 10 months old

Provide objects to inspect that are not usually played with

  • Pair of plastic tweezers
  • A rubber band
  • A large hairclip
  • A toothbrush
  • A dot of cream on their hand
  • Moms hairbrush
  • An empty syringe
  • A piece of sticky tape stuck on a finger

You can find lots of objects within the home. Just look around you.

Babies over 10 months of age are able now to do some simple problem solving and find this a great source of entertainment: Read this article for some tried and tested ideas that will give you 5 minutes.

Day 2: Part 3

Tonight is NIGHT CLOTH night.

Do not be afraid to give night cloth a go. You really only need to have given it one good proper try until you realize how easy it really is. Now is the time to try.

Two hemp flats is a pretty solid solution for the average baby. It will hold well for 12 hours.

Tonight try this:

  • Put one hemp flat on in Origami fold and lay another flat (padfolded) in the wetzone.
  • Add a fleece liner and a fleece cover.
  • No baby grows to be fastened tightly over fleece covers.
  • No nappy to be sticking out anywhere from the cover.
  • Put the nappy on at least 30 minutes before bedtime. Tired babies don’t do well with nappy changes.

Watch the second combination in the video. Give it a go.

Day 3: Part 1

Today we give DIAPERBAG FOLD a go.

I love this fold. It`s not great for babies with not solid poop but give it a go.

Add a couple boosters and a fleece liner.

How to fold:

How to put it on:

Day 3: Part 2

Night cloth tonight.

Two hemp flats folded as one in origami. Watch the first combo in the video:

I find this combo to be a little bulkier than what we did last night (one flat on and the other padfolded). It is a very solid night solution for most babies.


  • Always use fleece covers at night. They are very reliable (provided they are good quality fleece and double layered) and very comfy for baby to sleep in. As cooler weather approaches opt for fleece longies for a warm and snug night.
  • Avoid clipping baby grows tightly over fleece covers.
  • Make sure no nappy is sticking out anywhere of the cover.
  • Add a booster between nappy that is on and the cover if you nervous.
  • If your flat feels too small in origami (if the front bit is too short) use the hack. This extends the life of the Origami fold for a long time. Check out the flats page for this fold.
  • Rinsing night nappies in the morning is VITAL. Avoid waiting. Take it off and rinse it as per our rinsing video below.
  • Rinsing takes less than 5 minutes and prevents ammonia build up.
Day 4: Part 1

PICKMAN fold today.

I like this fold however do find it be very thin in the wetzone although it does in fact have 8 layers.


  • It can be tricky to get a neat fold if you are working with a wonky flat.
  • Always boost initially and take out if not needed.
  • Not great for runny poop.
  • Two at once can make a good night nappy for medium wetters.

Watch how to fold here:

Day 4 Part 2

Did you know:

If your flat feels too big (as in there is just a lot of fabric and gaps etc...) you can make it smaller by folding it in 5 - 10cm and THEN starting the fold? See the video below.

This trick is used for newborns starting our on medium sized flats and for babies moving to larger flats at 6kg.

Flats are just SOOOOO AWESOME!! They fit ANY size baby and as a result are leak proof if boosted correctly.

 I hope you have learned a lot by having a peek at our flats challenge. Remember we are a mail or call away if you ever need any assistance!

Go forth and use flats!!

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