The pokkelokkie flats challenge 2019


Were you part of the flats challenge last week ? Woweeeee is all I can say.It was  amazing to see how many people took part.

It was SUCH a learning experience. Even expectant mums with teddys joined in the fun.

Here is the breakdown of the fun day by day...

Day 1

Day time :We played with Pickman fold. The general feedback was this fold can work but it does not have a lot of layers so can be outpeed quite quickly. Boosting is key. No jelly rolling possible so runny poop can leak- best avoided on newborns.Some were brave and did a night nappy using this combo. Some worked and others didn't. I suggest rather using tomorrow nights night combo.

Night time: Night cloth IS daunting. The thought of a wet baby and just waking a sleeping baby is a no go  so the plunge can be deep. We tried double origami (2 hemp flats folded as 1 with a cover).This is a the standard night combo when using flats as it works very well for most babies. As far as I know it was a 100% success rate by all who tried and there were a lot of mums who had never attempted night cloth and all were pleasantly surprised. AMAZING.

Night cloth is easy but only once you have tried...then you kinda look back and say "Not sure what took me so long ?" Saw this sentence a lot on day 2 on the group :)

Day 2: Origami fold. This is the most popular flat fold and is generally the go to fold for night and day. It is easy to do and has lots of layers in the wetzone so is great for boys and girls. 

Night: Also 2 flats but this time one was on in origami and the other padfolded and laid between nappy and the cover. This was another successful night had by all.

See out flats video page for all the combos we tried.

Day 3: Diaper bag fold today. Most enjoyed this fold bar a few who found the wings a bit tricky to navigate- they often end up shorter than one needs them to be probably as a result of a flat that is a bit small. It is a very neat fold and also needs boosting.

Night time: Double diaper bag fold or double origami. Again - a success.

Day 4 we tried Jo fold. I like this one and use it often on my boys. It does need boosting and is not great for newborns as poop can leak. Stick to origami for newborns ladies. Lots of comments from mums enjoying experimenting and saying how such a challenge really pushes people out of their comfort zones which is always a positive experience. The  winner of yesterdays raffle was Nicole who was overwhelmed with the prize. YAY!

Night: We left this open. Moms were left to try whatever they wanted. From the posts, double origami was a hit and so was diaperbag fold doubled up.

Day 5 the finale! Airplane fold was up. I love this fold. it comes out very neat and is easy to pop on. We always boost and always use a fleece liner. Lots of positive feedback on this one and its seems like a winner all round.

WOW is all I can say. I get the feeling that this challenge really helped moms get to grips with flats and realise that they are just the easiest nappy EVER. I am SO SO proud of everyone who took part and just feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

Our cloth community in SA is growing. 



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  • Bryn van Vuuren

    Well done to you. Beautifully written,just like your nappies :)

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