The fleece liner

Over the last week my littlest human has not been well.

Oh mamma`s it can be so tough.

Sleep deprivation is a real, hard reality. It creeps up on you slowly... pretending it is not  there and then after the 6th or 7th night the cloud is heavy, grey and feels very dark.

I changed a lot of cloth nappies over the last 5 days. We moved between disposables and cloth, not knowing which one would be better seeing as though it was only on for less than an hour at time. Part of me wanted him to be "dry" and "comfy" yet the other part couldn't bear the thought of the chemicals all over the already very sore little bum cheeks. At some point I was sure it was the chemicals contributing to the soreness. For whatever reason the disposable nappies I bought had printing all over them - those cute little printed teddy`s just didn't smell like my hemp. I have read a lot of babies are sensitive to the ink in disposables. Something to think about if your baba is getting a rash. Cloth won in the end- it always does for me.

 The invention of the fleece liner is a god send. Have you tried them? Not only do they keep baby`s bum dry during upset tummies but they also provide a soft and comfy feel against a sore bum. AND clean up is just SO much easier. We have made our liners even bigger now just to make sure all of the poop lands on them- which can then be easily rinsed off in the loo and thrown in the wash. This way the cloth nappy itself is left “poopless”. Poop falls off fleece much easier than cloth (due to the porous nature) FYI. So... your cloth is also the perfect nappy when baby isn't well.

Babies with runny tummy's can be messy.  Regardless of what nappy- it is messier than usual (mom you got this!). Cloth contains it way better than a disposable though. Those iffy elastics on sposies don’t hold anything in never mind the explosion of poop up the back. This just doesn’t happen with cloth diapers. If you are afraid of poop- cloth is definitely the answer.

Fleece liners are a MUST have!

You never know when that tummy bug is going to strike and when it does… know this- it shall pass. You will sleep again and mama… you are strength, you are light, you are love. The world exists because of you.

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