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Outer order results in inner calm

Having more than 1 young child is definitely a handful. Is it worth it - yes! Can you do two in cloth? YES. Having two in cloth at the same time is very manageable- a bit more washing, a lot more saving of money AND let us not forget our precious earth.  Kids can easily share nappies. It is not unhygienic. Once both babes are in the large size this makes it very easy. The washing can all be done together and even hung up together. Speaking of doing things together...our oldest one goes to a Montessori. To really understand what goes on in these types of school I did a bit of reading. What a wonderful environment he is...

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You are the center of the(ir) universe

  Leaving the house with 2 kids in tow can be quite a lengthy and challenging task on the best of days- anyone relate? Like my husband says, 1 + 1 is not 2. It definitely is not 1! Between packing the bag with extra clothes and packing nappies, someone poops - have to change the nappy (another 10 minutes). Continue to pack bag....  try to find bike... toddler has a melt because he cant find the train (which anyway cannot come to the river). Console starts crying... try to hold both at once. (Jealous) toddler hits baby.... Dad intervenes , both kids melt. They don`t want Dad...they want Mom. PUH... Mom = center of the universe AKA NO BREAK...

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Cloth in the bush

Lots of mums have questions around using cloth on holiday. It really is no different to home (unless you have a diaper sprayer then you just cannot wait to get home to use the sprayer). I have a bag designated for our cloth nappies (they do take up a bit of space). We use (exclusively) flats and covers on holiday as they  take up the least space in a bag are very easy to fold and pack dry the fastest - you can easily wash flats on holiday in the basin and they dry within an hour or 2 hanging on a bush somewhere. Do not forget the fleece liners! Honestly ladies, once babies start eating solids, poop gets rather...

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Embrace the experience

Yesterday while I was bathing my little one, I was thinking about how best to just embrace this experience. (I felt tired and both boys were crying. Washing hair is always a cryathon....). Everything in life is an experience right? Whether it`s doing a load of cloth laundry, hanging them up, doing a puzzle with your little human or holding a meeting with your business partners, it is all an experience fueled by an attitude behind (isnt it?). So if the attitude is negative, the experience will more than likely be negative. If you can open up to the experience and try to approach it with fresh eyes/attitudes, this can help change the whole experience and help you embrace it. If the...

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The fleece liner

Over the last week my littlest human has not been well. Oh mamma`s it can be so tough. Sleep deprivation is a real, hard reality. It creeps up on you slowly... pretending it is not  there and then after the 6th or 7th night the cloud is heavy, grey and feels very dark. I changed a lot of cloth nappies over the last 5 days. We moved between disposables and cloth, not knowing which one would be better seeing as though it was only on for less than an hour at time. Part of me wanted him to be "dry" and "comfy" yet the other part couldn't bear the thought of the chemicals all over the already very sore little bum cheeks....

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