Outer order results in inner calm

Having more than 1 young child is definitely a handful. Is it worth it - yes! Can you do two in cloth? YES.

Having two in cloth at the same time is very manageable- a bit more washing, a lot more saving of money AND let us not forget our precious earth.  Kids can easily share nappies. It is not unhygienic. Once both babes are in the large size this makes it very easy. The washing can all be done together and even hung up together.

Speaking of doing things together...our oldest one goes to a Montessori. To really understand what goes on in these types of school I did a bit of reading. What a wonderful environment he is so fortunate to be in. Montessori education is based on self directed activity, hands on learning and collaborative play. The child makes their own choices in their learning and their methods focus on fostering child hood independence. The spin off of this is a well behaved, "mature" and independent little human who can make their own choices and manage emotions (as in less tantrums/screaming fits). 

You do not need to send your child to a Montessori school to reap the benefits of their "system". Montessori methods can very easily be incorporated into your home. All their ideas and methods are available in books. One I can recommend is by Tim Seldin- How to raise an amazing child the Montessori way. Some things he mentions ...

  • Set up areas of play in your home - an art area and a music area. Give children access to what they want to play with but in an organised fashion. 
  • Set up a washing hands area. Allow them to set their own place at the table. Eat together.
  • Position clothes and shoes in an easy to reach place- allow them to choose their own outfit or get their jersey when they feel cold.
  • Organise all toys into their respective baskets (cars in one, animals in another) and easy to reach shelves- encourage them to unpack, play and pack away again. 
  • Rotate the toys- pack ones away and bring out the new ones every 2 - 3 weeks. This really does work and prevents you buying tons of plastic that is just lost in a basket somewhere. Children find new uses for a toy they have not played with for 3 weeks.
  • Set up a nature area where you can collect stones and leaves or shells. Children love to see what they collected yesterday at the beach and this also provides a wonderful space for a conversation.
  • Quit the TV. Children do not need TV to be entertained. Only a few days without it will result in a more creative, better behaved and happier child.

Children thrive in an organised environment. 

Outer order results in inner calm.

On the subject of school- our littlest cloth bum started playschool today. Aggg my aching heart hearing him cry as I got in the car. It so so tough -that first day. Even with child number 2 (my baby).

So how to do school and Pokkelokkie cloth ?
This is how it`s done using flats and covers:
  1. Padfold a hemp flat and lay it in a PUL cover under the flaps.
  2. Add a Pokkelokkie booster or 2 on top. Add a fleece liner.

This is very solid and trustworthy day solution. It is easy for carers.
What to do with the poop ? Tell teachers to fold the fleece liner in half which then keeps the poop contained. Simply fold over the cover and pop it in the wetbag. Poop can be cleaned at home as per usual.
So the nappy should pretty much look how it looked when it left in the morning - all folded up as per the pic.
Pack a wetbag for dirty nappies.
Cloth is very manageable for schools. It is becoming more and more popular. Some schools just need a demo. And the reassurance that it is no different than using disposables other than that the nappy is sent home and not thrown in the bin.
Do you send cloth to school?


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