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I get very excited about fabric colours... perhaps a little too much (or is there such a thing?). The combination of cloth nappies and a new fabric colour = a VERY excited girl over here. Just look at this colour!!!

In case you hadn't seen... we released our brand new cotton fleece colour this week. Both our flats and Dawn patrol day fitteds can now be made to order in the delicious rust. It`s beautiful.

Cotton fleece is a wonderful alternative to the more pricey hemp option and it works equally as well too. It is slightly thicker so not AS trim as hemp, however this isn`t a biggie. Flats are anyway SO trim it doesn't make a huge difference to the slimness of the overall fit.

Last week I blogged about being alone with 2 kids- I am overjoyed to say that it will only be 1 more sleep until my love comes home. I can finally say that tomorrow is the day. ONE MORE SLEEP!!!! (or no more sleeps if reading this on Friday yay yay). 

I have learnt so much about myself over the past 16 days. What an empowering experience! Overcoming  challenges or insecurities can only really be done by being put in that situation for you to rise above them. And you will... with the right attitude (and a true friend who risks getting sick for you). There are some situations that as much as you cry for help inside, no one can help you really. In the end it`s only you. Then you wake up in the morning, it is one sleep left and you did it. 

You got this mamma.

Embrace your time whether it is alone or not and pour yourselves into your children. The more time spent...the less struggles there are... the more responsive they are. TIME and attention is all they need. You have the time... make the time. The pay offs are everything you wanted and more.



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