Mamma you got this!

Do you count in sleeps until the weekend or until an exciting event? So that means it`s 1 sleep ...until relax time. It is also 7 sleeps until Dad comes home. 
So Dad went away last week - yes... I have survived 9 days without my soulmate, my rock, my life.
Nine whole long days and some very long and hard nights. With a 1 year old (a very clingy 1 year old) and a 3 year old (my threenager atm)... in tow... let me tell you I have a very new found respect for you single mamma`s. Sjoe! Dad come home!!!

Being alone without that other pair of hands has made me realise that without the right attitude, it really will all just fall apart. We have had those moments... you know that scene with crying children and chaos around... yes those. Those happen... but they also don`t linger... they pass and the kids do go to bed and you DO get some sleep eventually...eventually (inserts crying baby sounds here as one nods off at 1am). I decided to embrace a positive, nothing can get me down attitude... and my kids did actually follow suite.  A friend described it as a season - "think of it as a season Kerryn" she said and she was right. This made me think. Everything in life is a season - nothing lasts forever (except true love) and the season will pass and then it changes into something different- the old problem disappears and a new one arises- or should I call them challenges rather - this is a better word isn`t it?
Kids = challenge. There is no doubt about that. The way you handle it however determines the overall experience. Embrace the challenge mom - whether its being alone or getting no sleep - know that it WILL change. And then it will only be a memory - and interestingly enough, we don`t remember the difficult times...only the good ones.

Using cloth nappies often feels like a challenge to new moms. The "challenge" is only a season - the season of learning how to use them. Once that is is plain sailing. 

7 sleeps... I got this :)


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