Make the time

We are heading towards the end of the year. Christmas is around the corner and 2020 is almost here.WOOHOOO!

I am pretty sure a lot of you have heard the song by Harry Chapin. It`s called Cats in the cradle. Have you ever listened closely to the words?

In a nutshell it talks about how he has a baby... but how he never made the time for him when he was little. Then he grows old, and his son hasn`t the time for him in the same way he never had time for him many moons ago. And now it s gone.

Watch the video below.Take 3:44 minutes out of your life to do this. It is important. It might  change your perspective on a few things. It definitely did for me.


We all grow old. We are all someones child.We all have/have had parents. Some of our parents are still alive, sadly others are not. We all know one thing - the older we get, the most precious thing in this world is time (with our kids). You don`t need to have had kids to know this. 

Tomorrow may never come. Or tomorrow comes and it`s too late. 

Giving your precious time is undoubtedly the most important and most profound gift you can ever give (anyone). It moulds and defines a relationship. It creates and determines how a (little) personality will develop and flourish. 

The more you give, the more you get. This is for certain. And not much is for certain in this life.

You do not need to have time to give it. Create it. 

NOW is the time :)



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