Happy 2020

A new year is here , kids aren`t at school yet and my patience is slowly wearing very very thin. Anyone else feel like that?

With that said, we did have what felt like the best holiday so far as a family of four.  We did what we set out to do - spend as much time as we could with our growing little energy balls of light. That said , it`s time to knuckle down and start work.

Happy 2020 to you and your families!!!

We are excited to be back in the saddle and the sewing machines are already humming along to the radio as I write. Some exciting news : we have two potential Irish stockists. Europe here we come!! Ireland has a growing Pokkelokkie fan club and we aim to increase that this year ten fold. How wonderful if Pokkies could trickle through Europe hey? Our Mauritian stockist has reported that things are going well there so it`s onward and upward for Pokkelokkie. Our plan to slowly take over the cloth world is starting to happen (hee hee one can dream right?).

Some other news - a Pokkelokkie flats challenge will be taking place mid/end of February. Flats challenges are a lot of fun and it gives you the chance to really get into using your flats. If you already are a pro then follow along for fun and you might just learn some new things. Watch the FB page and Instagram to find out more. Flats are not difficult and all it takes a is a couple of days of practice, some support and and patience. We have that, don`t we?

Speaking of flats - ours have been rated at number one, again. Check out this mum`s lovely blog. She has done a full breakdown of her cloth experience through two kiddies - great read. And our flats and fitteds are her fave.


Enjoy January. Enjoy your moments with your small ones. Time is precious and moving too fast xxx

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